COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Collegium Auditions

Vocal auditions are taking place in spring 2020, February 17-21 or as spaces are available. All voice parts are welcome. Please contact Professor Buettner for an appointment.

Individual auditions February 24-28, MAC 308

Ensemble call back auditions February 28, 1:00 PM Mead Chapel

The audition process includes an individual meeting with Professor Buettner, during which all students read a few music examples and sing selected repertoire (listed below when available). Please prepare the music posted below (the portion listed with each example, not necessarily the entire piece).

Singers who seem to be an especially strong fit for the ensemble will be invited to ensemble rehearsal auditions. This is a selective but friendly process, through which the group finds singers whose voices, interests, and musical ambitions are similar enough for the ensemble to feel cohesive. To preserve the identity of Collegium as a smaller and specialized ensemble, space may always be limited. Although this means we cannot always offer places in the group, we hope that the idea of singing this music in an intimate setting is inspiring to singers and we encourage all interested to inquire!

Singing in Collegium requires a high level of commitment, interest in working collaboratively, dedication to caring for your voice, and enthusiasm for 16th- to 18th-century European music (Renaissance and Baroque periods). Singers must possess the interest, ability and commitment to learn music outside of rehearsals. All music is learned through reading a printed score. It is required that all singers take voice lessons.

Collegium singers meet once weekly, typcially Friday 12:45-2:30 PM. Absences are generally not permitted, unless the rehearsal can be rescheduled. Collegium includes instrumentalists as much as possible, including harpsichord, lute, string and wind instruments.

Thank you for interest in Collegium!

 Tallis - If Ye Love Me - E major.pdf

(Be aware that "If Ye Love Me" might sung a semitone higher, as well.)

Prepare all if possible; at least to bar 13 will be sung for the call back audition.

 Palestrina: Sicut cervus

A challenging motet for four voices. Choose the part you feel is most comfortable.

Prepare from the beginning, up to Rehearsal mark 11 ("circle 11" in score).

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