What exactly is a "liberal arts" education?

In the United States, the opportunity to study in many academic areas forms the core of a liberal arts and sciences education. Students select courses from many disciplines, including: literature, the arts, philosophical and religious studies, historical studies, physical and life sciences, deductive reasoning and analytical processes, social analysis, foreign language, writing, and the study of various, divergent cultures.

By the end of their third semesters (midway through sophomore year), students pick a major, and that becomes their primary academic focus for the next two years of college work. Some students concentrate on a single field; others link subjects to form a combined major.

"The purpose of liberal education is much higher than the concerns of our daily life ... a reflection on what we as human beings are, what we were, and what we can and will become." -- Irakly Areshidze '00, Republic of Georgia

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