How to Apply as a Transfer Applicant

Middlebury may enroll a limited number of transfer students in September and February depending upon available space.

Applicants who have been or are currently enrolled as full-time degree seeking students at another college or university must apply as a transfer student.

The majority of transfer students are admitted as sophomores or first-semester juniors, and preference is given to those students who have completed at least a full year of college work upon entry. The high school record is weighed heavily and candidates must be in good standing at their current college with at least a "B" average. If your college does not give grades, written faculty appraisals must be submitted. 

Transfers apply online using the Common Application for transfers.

Admissions Requirements Checklist

  • Undergraduate Common Application
  • College Transcript
  • Transfer Mid-Term Report If you are currently enrolled in college classes, you must take this form from the Common Application to each of your current professors to get progress grades in each of your current classes and your professors' signatures. Please upload a statement via your checklist if you are not currently enrolled in college classes. You will be able to upload these directly to your student portal. Access will be provided in your acknowledgement email. 
  • College Course Descriptions Please copy and paste in a Word document the course descriptions for each class you have taken from your institution's course catalog. Please also include course descriptions from any previous institutions you have attended. You will be able to upload these directly to your student portal. Access will be provided in your acknowledgement email. 
  • Secondary School Transcript
  • Secondary School Final Report
  • Standardized Tests:
    Applicants must submit the standardized test scores they earned in high school when applying to college as first-year students. Request testing services or guidance department to submit  scores directly to Middlebury College. We will also accept self-reported scores at the time of application.
  • English Proficiency Test (if English is not your first language)
  • College Report The form from the Common Application to be completed by your College Dean or Registrar confirming the student's academic standing and disciplinary record at current institution. If you have attended more than one college or university, Middlebury will require a College Report from each institution.
  • Academic Evaluator Recommendation The form from the Common Application to be completed by one of your college professors and accompanied by a letter of recommendation
  • Fee or Fee Waiver Request through the common application site.

Please follow the Transfer Application Timeline to ensure that your materials are submitted by our deadlines.

Application Deadlines

-- For Fall Admission: March 1
-- For Spring Admission: November 1

Note: There may be occasions when Middlebury is unable to accommodate spring transfers. Candidates will be notified in early December if there are no vacancies and will be given the option to be considered for the following fall semester.

Standardized Tests

Applicants must submit standardized test scores with their transfer applications. Applicants for whom English is not their first language are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Middlebury will consider either the TOEFL or the results from other standardized tests, including SAT I Verbal, ACT, IELTS, CPE, and MELAB. Predicted grades in IB A1 or A2 English or in A-level English will also be considered. Please contact the admissions office if you have any questions about our standardized test requirements.

Credit Transfer

Candidates must plan to complete at least two years' work (18 courses at Middlebury). An estimate of the number of transferable credits will be provided during the first week or two after the student arrives on campus. A final evaluation of credit transfer will only be possible after a complete evaluation by appropriate department chairs but will be completed before the end of the student's first semester at Middlebury.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance at Middlebury is based entirely on established need and is offered to transfer students to the degree that resources permit. The FAFSA and CSS Profile and must be filed by November 1st for spring admission and by March 1st for fall admission. International students must file the CSS Profile.

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