Transfer Application Timeline

Please remember that Middlebury's application deadlines of November 1 for spring transfer admission and March 1 for fall transfer admission are the dates by when we will need to have received all of the required materials for a complete application. We hope the suggested timeline below will help you stay organized as you work on submitting your complete transfer application.

3 weeks before deadline
  • Select a professor who has taught you in one of your college or university courses to write a letter of recommendation and give him or her the Academic Evaluator form to fill out
  • Ask your dean, your advisor, or your Registrar's Office to fill out the College Report form
  • Send the Final Report form to your high school and ask your secondary school counselor to fill out this form
  • Order your ACT or SAT test scores to be sent to Middlebury directly from ACT or the College Board
  • Begin working on your application essay
2 weeks before deadline
  • Request your complete high school transcript to be sent to Middlebury
  • Request your college transcript to be sent to Middlebury
1 week before deadline
  • Take the Mid-Semester Progress Report form to each of your current professors and ask them to fill out this form with an estimated grade to date
  • Copy and paste all course descriptions of the college classes you have taken from your current college or university course catalog into a Word document.
One day before deadline
  • Submit your Common Application for transfer admission and your application fee
On the deadline or shortly thereafter
  • Confirm in the online portal that we have received all of your application materials.

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