Financial Aid

Concerned about cost? So are we, and we are committed to making Middlebury College affordable for all admitted undergraduate students, regardless of the resources of their families.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Our need-blind admissions policy

The College follows a need-blind admission policy for U.S. students, permanent residents, undocumented students and DACA students, which means that a student's financial status does not influence the admission decision. Middlebury makes every effort to help all candidates obtain the financial aid they need in the form of grants, loans, and work/study jobs. In the case of international students, Middlebury follows a need-aware admissions policy.

  • Middlebury's Aid Package

Middlebury will offer an aid package that meets 100 percent of your financial need as calculated by the Student Financial Services Office. If your family's financial situation does not change, we are committed to providing you a similar package each year you attend Middlebury. 

  • Incoming First-Year Class

Middlebury typically provides grant aid to about half of the student body. For the Class of 2022, the average grant was $48,429.

  • Student Loans

Middlebury is committed to providing an affordable college education by keeping student loan levels low.  Undergraduate indebtedness should not factor into a student's choice of college or career.

The maximum level of awarded student loan debt after four years for all Middlebury financial aid recipients ranges from $7,000 (for our neediest population) to $19,000.

Awarded loan amounts will rise slightly in subsequent years.  The average Undergraduate Federal loan indebtedness at Middlebury is $15,517.

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