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Middlebury Institute Accelerated Degree Option


Plan ahead and apply your Study Away semester or year toward a Middlebury graduate degree. You may be able to complete your master’s in an additional 12 to 18 months at the Institute.

Middlebury College undergraduates and recent graduates can earn a master’s degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in a shortened period of time with our Accelerated Degree Option. The Middlebury Institute offers graduate degrees  designed to complement your Middlebury College undergraduate education with a professional graduate experience that prepares you for an international career.


Middlebury undergraduate major/minorInstitute graduate degreeTime to graduate degree (years)
Linguistics minoradvanced language abilities based on MIIS assessment Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) with specialization1-1.5
Political Science; International Politics and EconomicsNonproliferation and Terrorism Studies (NPTS)1- 1.5
Environmental Studies (only from these disciplines: Conservation Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Geology, Conservation Psychology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy, Geography, Human Ecology); International Politics and Economics; EconomicsInternational Environmental Policy (IEP)1-1.5
Political Science; International Politics and Economics; International and Global Studies; Economics; Food Studies; Geography; Global HealthInternational Policy and Development (IPD) Master of Public Administration    1-1.5 1-1.5


NOTE: Students in other majors may request to have their coursework evaluated in the admissions process to determine the extent to which they can accelerate their MA.

For more information about the Accelerated Degree Option contact:

Orion Lewis, professor of Political Science, at or 802-443-5479.


When attending the Middlebury Institute for a graduate degree, Middlebury alumni are eligible for both financial aid and scholarships.

Legacy Scholarship

Alumni with a Middlebury degree —from Middlebury College, the Middlebury Institute, Middlebury Language Schools, or Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English—and their family members are eligible for a guaranteed $10,000 Legacy Scholarship toward their graduate degree at the Middlebury Institute.

You may also receive need-based and/or merit scholarship awards in addition to a Legacy Scholarship.

Affiliation Scholarship

Alumni and their family members who have participated in one or more of the following Middlebury nondegree programs are also eligible for the Middlebury Affiliation Scholarship, a guaranteed $5,000 scholarship for each program successfully completed.

  • Study Away at Middlebury Institute
  • MiddCORE
  • Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad
  • Middlebury Language Schools
  • Middlebury School of the Environment
  • Custom Language Services
  • DPMI (International Development and Social Change Certificate)
  • Frontier Market Scouts
  • Intensive English Program
  • James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Internship
  • Professional Certificate in Spanish Community Interpreting
  • Social Impact Corps
  • Spanish Community Interpreting
  • Summer Intensive Language Program 

Combining Scholarships

By combining available scholarships, Middlebury alumni and their family members can receive up to 40 percent of the cost of their graduate degree tuition when attending the Institute.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies Graduate Degree Application Deadlines

Application deadlines and instructions are available for degree programs.

The Institute offers fall admission for all degree programs and spring admission for select programs. Refer to the top section of the curriculum page for your degree program of choice to see if a spring start is an option. For start dates, visit the academic calendar.