International Policy Studies (MAIPS)

Through the MA in International Policy Studies program, you can build upon your foundation in international politics and economics, or international studies with a focus in economics or political science by specializing in one of two professional fields: trade, investment and development, or human security and development. Our graduates take the road less traveled, pursing a wide variety of careers as peace building specialists, development consultants, trade analysts, and much more.
MAIPS Degree Map


Requirements for admission


  1. I. Coursework at Middlebury
  • Completion of a BA in International Politics and Economics, or International Studies with a disciplinary specialization in Economics or Political Science from Middlebury. Students with majors in other fields may apply to this integrated degree with permission of the IPS program chair, provided they have met other requirements and have taken the appropriate set of courses.
  • Completion of Introduction to microeconomics (ECON 0155) and macroeconomics (ECON 0150). If not completed at Middlebury, these courses may be taken as an intensive course in August or January at the Monterey Institute (for a fee) or at other Monterey Bay Area campuses prior to matriculation (Note:  these courses do not count towards MAIPS degree). These courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or higher.
  • Additional courses at Middlebury that will prepare students for their particular track at the Monterey Institute.  These courses are spelled out below in the “degree map” section.

II. Language Skills

Students are required to have advanced language skills to be admitted to their respective program. Students pursuing the MAIPS integrated degree program should enter with the following language competency in order to complete their program in the minimal time frame:

  • Chinese, French, Japanese or Russian – ready to start at the fourth-year college level. Successful applicants will have had at least two academic years of beginning language and one year of intermediate language;


Two recent academic years plus one summer of intensive language the summer prior to enrolling in the degree program.

  • Spanish or Arabic – ready to start at the third-year college level. Successful applicants will have had at least two academic years of beginning language


One recent academic year plus one summer of intensive language the summer prior to enrolling in the degree program.

Students will take a Language Placement Exam upon arrival at the Monterey Institute during New Student Orientation, and must follow the recommendations of language faculty based on the results of this assessment. Chinese, French, Japanese, or Russian students must pass a placement test for 400-level (or above) language courses. Arabic or Spanish language students must pass a placement test for at least 300-level courses.

Those wishing to gain a sense of their abilities may take an online diagnostic test available at http://www.miis.edu/academics/language/degreelanguages. This diagnostic test is NOT a replacement for the assessment test.

III.   International Experience

This may be satisfied in various ways, including: at least one semester abroad while at Middlebury with an international project or internship (at a minimum) or an internship during the summer between graduating from Middlebury and entering the Monterey Institute (the Center for Advising and Career Services at the Monterey Institute has resources and can assist students to identify and obtain summer internships). For graduates interested in more extended immersion, an entire year or more studying or working abroad in an internationally-related field before entering Monterey also satisfies this requirement.

IV.   Professional/Relevant Internship Experience

Professional/relevant internship experience will act as a basis for academic research in courses at MIIS. Since there are multiple options for the completion of this requirement, students are encouraged to contact the IPS program chair on this matter.

Monterey Institute Course Requirements

The MAIPS degree has two tracks: Trade, Investment and Development; and Human Security and Development. Each track has different prerequisite course requirements from Middlebury (outlined in degree maps). Students in each track must take at the Monterey Institute, Policy Analysis (IPOL 8501) and Global Politics (IPOL 8505 – this course will be waived by taking PSCI 0190 and PSCI 0304 at MIDD).

Students in the Trade, Investment and Development track must also take Data Analysis for Public Policy (IPOL 8504 – this course will be waived if one of the following was taken at Middlebury: MATH 0116, MATH 0311, or both ECON 0210 and ECON 0211) and three track-relevant research seminars from an approved list (IPOL 86xx). Students in the Human Security and Development track must take either Introduction to Conflict Resolution (IPOL 8511) or Development Theory and Practice (IPOL 8551) and three track-relevant research seminars from an approved list (IPOL 86xx).

Students normally take eight language credits at the 400-level or higher (300-level or higher for Spanish or Arabic), and must complete 12 credits in their official language of study if they enter the program satisfying the Institute’s minimum requirements. This would add 4 credits to their overall degree requirements at MIIS. If, because of their language level, students have all or part of their 400-level language requirement waived, they can take additional electives.

Students always must complete at least 32 credits at the Monterey Institute to complete this degree. If students have not completed all suggested courses at Middlebury, they may still apply to the MAIPS program at MIIS, but would likely need to complete a program consisting of 48 credits or more. This would require additional time and tuition.

Updated 3/20/12