Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies (MANPTS)

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) offers the world’s first graduate degree combining the knowledge and skills needed to curtail the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and respond effectively to terrorism. Our interdisciplinary curriculum  integrates policy analysis, international security, science and technology, and history to prepare students for professional careers dealing with the threats posed by violent extremism and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

MANPTS Degree Map

Requirements for Admission

I. Coursework at Middlebury

  • Completion of a BA in one of the following majors at Middlebury:  Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, History, International Politics & Economics, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Physics, and Political Science.  Students with majors in other fields may apply to this integrated degree with permission of the MANPTS Program Chair at MIIS.
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of “B” or higher:  International Politics (PSCI 0201/0109)1, International Politics and WMD (PSCI 0242)2, and Terrorism (INTL 0439)3.

II. Language Skills

Students are required to have advanced language skills to be admitted to their respective program.

The language requirements for admission to the NPTS program are as follows:

Students must be ready to begin their language studies at the following level by the time they begin the degree program:

  • Chinese, French, Japanese or Russianready to start at the third-year college level. Successful applicants will have had at least two academic years of beginning language;
    one recent academic year plus one summer of intensive language the summer prior to enrolling in the degree program.
  • Spanish or Arabic – ready to start at the second-year college level.  Successful applicants will have had at least one academic year of beginning language;
    one summer of intensive language the summer prior to enrolling in the degree program.

Students will take a Language Placement Exam upon arrival at MIIS during New Student Orientation, and must follow the recommendations of language faculty based on the results of this assessment. Chinese, French, Japanese, or Russian students must pass a placement test for 300-level (or above) language courses.  Arabic or Spanish language students must pass a placement test for at least 200-level courses.

Those wishing to gain a sense of their abilities may take an online diagnostic test. This diagnostic test is NOT a replacement for the assessment test.

MIIS Course Requirements

Policy Analysis (IPOL 8501), WMD Science and Technology (IPOL 8559), one seminar in Terrorism and/or Nonproliferation Studies, 8 additional credits in Terrorism and/or Nonproliferation studies, a Capstone Research and Writing course (IPOL 8610), and 2 additional elective credits in any area.

A student entering the MANPTS program at the 400-level in their second language must take 2 regular language classes at this level or higher; if the student enters the program at the 300-level, she/he will be required to take 3 regular language classes (which may require time beyond two semesters). If a student has high language proficiency and is able to waive any portion of this requirement, the courses can be replaced with additional elective courses.  In all cases, students must have a minimum of 32 credits from MIIS to complete this degree.


Updated: 7/15/11