Zora del Buono

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Zora del Buono was born in 1962 in Zürich, Switzerland. She studied architecture at the ETZ Zurich and the HdK Berlin. After graduation, she worked for several years as an architect in Berlin. In 1995 she decided to change her profession and was co-founder of „mare – magazine of the oceans" (www.mare.de) , a highly decorated reportage-magazine. She worked as cultural editor and, between 2001 and 2008, as vice deputy chief. In 2008, her first novel „Canitz' Verlangen" was published, followed by the novel „Big Sue" in 2010. In 2011 her travel-book "Hundert Tage Amerika" was published and immediately won the ITB Book Award for the best travel-book in 2012. Zora del Buono lives with her dogs and some friends in a big flat in an ancient hospital in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Her website is www.zoradelbuono.de .



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GRMN6623 - Beyond Headlines:GRMN Print      

Beyond the Headlines: The German print media landscape

This course explores the German print media landscape between yellow press and feuilleton. We will discuss the different types of textes like reportage, commentary or portrait. We analyse texts, write our own articles, and meet German speaking people in Middlebury for interviews and reportages. We learn how to edit, to text headlines and captions. Twice a week we’ll develop in editorial staff meetings our own magazine „Quasi Nr. 2“, which will be designed by a professional Art Director in Berlin.

Required text: Walther von La Roche: Einführung in den praktischen Journalismus (19th ed.) (Econ Verlag 2013). Language & Stylistics

Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

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