Academic Tracks

Summers in Vermont

Students who wish to complete the MA degree over a series of summers on the Middlebury campus must take the following seven courses:

  • Advanced Language Practice (if not exempted)
  • Introduction to Literary Scholarship
  • One linguistics course
  • Two courses in area studies (art history, philosophy, music, economics, history, or sociology)
  • One course in methodology(Methods of Teaching German as a Foreign Language, Methods of Teaching Literature, or Methods of Teaching "Landeskunde"), and
  • One seminar in which the student has to write a Proseminararbeit (12-15 pages)

The remaining five courses may be concentrated in one or two of the following areas: literature, linguistics, or civilization. One of these must be a seminar in which the student writes a Seminararbeit (15-20 pages). The seminar which includes the Seminararbeit may be taken as early as the second summer, and should be taken no later than the third. Students normally write the Proseminararbeit before the Seminararbeit.

The director or associate director may waive Advanced Language Practice on the basis of demonstrated proficiency to allow a student to take another course.

During the required preliminary summer in Vermont, students planning to complete the MA through the program in Mainz or Berlin must take Introduction to Literary Scholarship, a seminar which includes a Proseminararbeit, and a third course; it is strongly recommended that the third course be a survey course in literature, history, or philosophy.

Academic Year in Germany

Students who wish to complete the MA in German by studying in Mainz must first have successfully completed a "summer of application" on the Vermont campus. Regardless of their choice of city, students are expected to take a total of nine courses within two semesters of study in Germany.

Students are free to choose their courses from the curriculum offered at Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, but there are certain requirements. The content of all courses has to fit the overall header of 'German Studies' (i.e., courses must focus on a topic related to German culture, history, literature, art, theater, film, philosophy, politics, economy, or German Linguistics).

In addition, graduate students are required to define a related subject area of studies for six of their nine courses and are required to take a minimum of two 'Hauptseminare' within their defined subject area.

They may finish one of their courses with a written exam instead of a paper. When selecting their courses, students should keep in mind that lecture-courses (Vorlesungen) have to be completed with a written exam, which limits the number of lectures they can take within the academic year abroad.

For additional information on the MA program, please contact Christina Ellison, the Coordinator of the German School, or Heike Fahrenberg, the Director of the School in Germany.

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