Credit is defined in terms of units. One unit equals three semester hours. In order to obtain the Middlebury MA, candidates need to complete 12 units of credit.

A full six-week graduate program on the Vermont campus comprises three graduate courses, for a total of three units (nine semester hours) of credit.

For transfer purposes to another institution, the student’s home institution determines how many graduate or undergraduate credits will be granted for the summer’s work at Middlebury.

All credits earned toward a degree expire after ten years. The validity of a degree, which certifies a level of achievement, does not expire. The Middlebury College Language Schools do not calculate class rank.

Transfer Credit

After formal admission to a graduate degree program, candidates for the MA or DML degree may request permission from the Registrar of the Language Schools to transfer from another institution a maximum of the equivalent of one full-time summer of study at Middlebury (three units). Only courses taken after successful completion of the initial summer and formal admission to degree candidacy may be transferred (i.e., courses taken at other institutions before the first summer of study may not be transferred toward a Middlebury graduate degree).

To obtain approval for transfer of credit, students must submit evidence that the courses they wish to transfer earn graduate credit towards an advanced degree at an accredited college or university. The courses must have been taught in German in the areas of language analysis and linguistics, culture and civilization, literature, or professional preparation and must not duplicate courses already taken for degree credit.

All units counted toward a degree must have been taken for a grade rather than on a pass/fail basis. Only grades of B- and above may be applied toward a Middlebury MA degree. Only grades of B+ and above may be applied toward a Middlebury DML degree.

All transfer credit courses must be completed by the 31st of May of the year of graduation for August degree candidates and by the 10th of January for March degree candidates. All credits and units expire after ten years, whether earned at Middlebury College or transferred from another institution.

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