Student Life in Mainz and Potsdam

At all sites, students can make friends while pursuing their favorite pastime in one of the countless Vereine. They can join a choir, a local soccer team, a photography club, or pursue any other co-curricular activity they may choose with the program's support. In addition, students receive 'culture-money' to sponsor their participation in the wealth of cultural activities that Mainz, Potsdam (and Berlin) have to offer!

Everybody enrolled at the Johannes-Gutenberg Universität in Mainz can use the sports facilities and take sports classes. Make sure to check the program of the "Allgemeiner Hochschulsport" for your favorite activity. Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, self-defense classes or aerobics have been amongst the favorites so far. In addition to what the university offers, students might choose to row on the Rhine, go bouldering or hiking along the Rheinsteig, join a local running team, or brush up their dancing skills.

Students at the University of Potsdam join the student community in Potsdam by getting engaged in a variety of clubs or groups, for example the Literaturbühne 90; the Sprecherkreis, and the schreib, a Zeitschrift für junge Literatur. Then there is the Campus Cantabile, Sinfonietta, the student choir „Pura Vida“, History Club Havenvolck e.V., Film Club der Potsdam University. In the Studierendenkeller Nil e.V. students organize music events from metal over punk rock to singer/songwriter gigs and karaoke. The Cultural Student Center Potsdam (KuZe) offers a variety of student events throughout the year. Aside from having access to the UP Gym for about 15€ a month, students can choose from more than 100 courses ranging from team sports (i.e. ultimate frisbee), and water sports to endurance / strength training and martial arts to mindfulness workshops.

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