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MA in German: Program Tracks

Once enrolled in the German MA program, you can opt to complete the degree by either completing four summers on the Vermont campus, or by completing an initial summer in Vermont in the 6-week graduate session, followed by an academic year in Berlin or Mainz.

The MA degree consists of 12 courses or units. Successful completion of a six-week summer session (the "summer of candidacy") is required before a student can be officially confirmed as a degree candidate. During the required preliminary summer in Vermont, students normally take three courses/units.

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Admission Requirements
• Applicants must hold a BA or its equivalent and must have completed course work equivalent to a major in German and be able to demonstrate this level of linguistic proficiency.

• All students must complete an initial summer in the German School on the Middlebury, Vermont campus in order to qualify for degree candidacy.

• The GRE is not required.

"Non-degree" students (e.g., candidates for degrees at other institutions or individuals who want to take advanced courses in German) are also welcome to apply, assuming their German proficiency is at the graduate level (to be determined via placement exam).

Degree Requirements
•  Successful completion of 12 course units

Program Options
•  1 summer in Vermont and 1 academic year of accelerated study in berlin or Mainz
•  4 summers on the campus in Vermont

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