Aaron Banas

University of Arizona-Tucson, MA in Latin American Studies

“With the language skills I acquired during the seven week course I was able to hit the ground running. My learning curve was incredibly accelerated. My Brazilian host family continuously asked me how long I had been studying Portuguese. I told them about the seven week course that I had taken previous to coming to Brazil, and they always asked, “and what else?” They were so impressed my language skills.

The truth is that the Middlebury Portuguese Program prepared me better than I could have ever imagined. At Middlebury, I was taught by Brazilians to comprehend and speak, and this training provided an ideal transition to a real world Brazilian environment. I even crossed several regions of Brazil, and being familiar with several different accents (thanks to my professors at Middlebury from all different regions of Brazil), I was able to adapt with relative ease. My ear was already trained for the “chiado” of Belém and the sotaque of São Paulo. I could not have been prepared any better for my stay in Brazil.”