The Middlebury School of Korean is an 8-week summer intensive immersion course. The School of Korean was founded in 2015 and is the 11th language offered at the Language Schools. For over 100 years, the Language Schools have been committed to a unique model of linguistic and cultural immersion, supported by the Language Pledge. Students make a commitment to communicate only in the language of study for the entire time on campus. Students are undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students, professionals, and life-long learners from all over the world.

School of Korean intensive immersion program at Mills College dormThe School of Korean is open to all levels of students who want to learn Korean and offers five levels of courses during the 8-week session.  The courses are designed to improve Korean language and cultural proficiency as rapidly as possible. Students will be asked to choose a course level based on their Korean language proficiency and will be assigned based on an initial assessment.  Each level offers four units of credit (12 semester hours of transferable credit). Students will make rapid gains in speaking Korean, earning a full year's worth of college credit in just eight weeks.

Language Pledge --Why Our Program Works

If you were to choose one thing that sets Middlebury apart from other options, it would be the dedication of students and faculty to making great strides in language learning, embodied by the Middlebury Language Pledge. In our Korean immersion environment, students read, write, listen, and speak in Korean 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Inside the classrooms, the Pledge creates a solid foundation and helps students learn Korean all day, every day, in a formal, structured setting. And during all the informal moments--speaking Korean in the dining halls, the dorms, and on the way to class--the Pledge fosters engagement between students, helping them move quickly toward fluency.

School of Korean intensive immersion program at Mills College activitiesOutside the classroom, students participate in organized co-curricular activities—including soccer and volleyball, cooking, Korean drum dance, k-pop song and dance, and calligraphy and painting—designed to help enhance language skills while developing cultural proficiency.  There will be open lectures on Korean literature, films and North Korea, and other social activities including traditional and contemporary performing concerts in the evening.  Also students eat all meals with Korean professors and their fellow students, all in language.

At the Middlebury School of Korean, you will learn the Korean language, but you will also learn about literature, history, politics, art, film, music, food, and dance, because we don't separate language and culture. Why spend a summer at the Middlebury School of Korean? A summer in the School of Korean will open doors to the diverse aspects of Korean language and culture in relation with the world and will help students to prepare their anticipated future of Korean language study, research and any interrelated endeavors.

Level 1: In order to help beginning students adapt to the intensive Middlebury environment and be better prepared for the Language Pledge, Level 1 (Introductory) Korean will start online approximately one month before students arrive. Visit our Curriculum page. 

School of Korean

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