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School of Korean Launching in 2015

The Middlebury College Language Schools are pleased to announce the establishment of the School of Korean, which will open in 2015. Korean is the 11th language offered at the summer Language Schools. Read what vice president Michael Geisler has to say about the program in this Q&A.

General Approach

In 2015, the Middlebury Language Schools will celebrate our 100th anniversary.


From the beginning, the Language Schools have been committed to a unique model of linguistic and cultural immersion. This approach is best embodied by the Middlebury Language Pledge, a commitment to communicate only in one's language of study for the entire time on campus.

Students benefit from our rigorous approach to daily classroom instruction, leading to rapid gains in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Outside the classroom, students participate in organized in-language cocurricular activities, each designed to help build new vocabulary and cultural fluency.


The School of Korean

  • Eight weeks
  • Four levels of study, with placement determined by testing and prior experience in Korean
  • Four to five hours of classroom instruction daily
  • Cocurricular activities--sports, cooking, and drum team--to name a few, in the afternoon
  • Lectures, films, and other social activities in the evening
  • Meals with professors and fellow students
  • Four units of credit (12 credit hours)
  • Room, board, and tuition: $10,920
  • Scholarships and partial need-based grants available
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All students who enroll in the School of Korean will study at our West Coast site at Mills College, in Oakland, California. Application and financial aid processes are identical to those for the Middlebury campus. For more information on Middlebury at Mills, please click here.