A student paints with her calligraphy brush.

To become an effective teacher of Korean, you need to know pedagogical theory—and be able to apply it.


Students in the Master of Arts in Korean complete their graduate degree in a year and a half.  Students must successfully complete an initial 6-week graduate summer session on the Middlebury, Vermont campus before establishing their candidacy for the MA degree. The second and third semester are completed online during the academic year, followed by a 6-week summer on the Middlebury, Vermont campus and final online semester.

Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in the School of Korean master’s degree program must successfully complete 12 course units including the following:

  • Structure of Korean
  • Second Language Aquisition
  • Teaching Korean Online
  • KFL Capstone Project and Practicum

Middlebury awards one unit of graduate credit (equivalent to three semester hours) for each graduate course. All students enrolled in the master’s program have ten years to complete the degree. 

First Semester (Middlebury) 3 course units (9 credits) 6 weeks/summer
Second Semester (Online) 2 course units (6 credits) 15 weeks
Third Semester (Online) 2 course units (6 credits) 15 weeks
Fourth Semester (Middlebury) 3 course units (9 credits) 6 weeks/summer
Final Semester (Online) 2 course units (6 credits) 15 weeks


Application Deadlines

  • Priority deadline: February 1
  • Final deadline: April 15

In addition to the graduate application requirements, applicants must complete the MA in Korean application requirements.

Career Outcomes

Students who earn a graduate degree in Korean pursue rewarding careers in teaching Korean at Institutions of Higher Education, at international business corporations, at private K-12 institutions and charter schools. For those who seek K-12 certification at public schools, additional courses may be required.


Thanks to the support of generous donors including Language Schools alumni, and Middlebury’s commitment to provide an opportunity for as many students as possible, we are pleased to offer need-based financial aid and merit-based fellowships and scholarships.