New Initiative Evaluation and Implementation

The Framework for Evaluating New Initiatives and the New Initiative Implementation process were created to guide the institution in our assessment and development of potential new programs and major initiatives.  While each project has different characteristics and a particular set of stakeholders, these general processes are meant to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the many questions that arise when evaluating a potential opportunity, and that those whose work might be affected or who have expertise to offer will be consulted during the process.  These two documents outline these processes.  Any questions should be directed to LeRoy Graham, Associate Provost for Planning. 

Framework for Evaluating New Initiatives

This document outlines the process for the initial evaluation of significant new initiatives or projects at Middlebury. 


New Initiative Implementation

This document outlines the process for implementing a new initiative or project at Middlebury, after the initiative or project has received presidential and vice presidential approval to proceed.  This process is designed to be sure that all appropriate offices are involved in the implementation process as necessary.