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Student Life in Mainz

Welcome to Johannes-Gutenberg Universität at Mainz!

Named after the inventor of printing, Johannes Gutenberg, "JoGu", is attended by 35.000 students. They can choose courses taught in 26 different "Fachbereiche" covering various fields of study including natural sciences, social sciences, languages, art, music, and physical education. Classes run all day from 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. at night. Everybody enrolled can use the sports' facilities and take sports' classes for free. Make sure to check the program of the "Allgemeiner Hochschulsport" for your favorite activity. (Students played tennis and ultimate frisbee, and signed up for self-defense or aerobic-classes, but these are not the only possibilities by far.)The central "Mensa" houses a "Cafeteria" upstairs where you can get snacks and drinks all day. Downstairs, they serve lunch at more than reasonable prices. You pay with your "Mensa-Karte" you can get as soon as you're properly enrolled.

If you walk down Welderweg with the Mensa in your back (*Campus Map*), you pass a little grocery store that also serves gyros and salads all day long.

Once you've got the food-question settled, you're ready to face the probably most important building on campus - the "Philosophicum" easily recognizable by the statue of a horse seemingly eating from the tree next to the building.

Go up the stairs and cross the open space before you enter through the glass-doors. Inside, you find three floors of lecture halls, class rooms and offices. The German Department, including Anthropology and Theater Studies, HistoryPhilosophy, and Comparative Literature are located here. Film moved to Wallstrasse 11. ('Bildende Kunst' and Musik are likewise off-campus but within walking distance.)

In the Philosophikum, you'll also find the director's office: German Department, 1st floor. Just look for the door with the large "Middlebury College"-poster, and you can't go wrong.  The Philosophikum also houses a cafeteria on the ground floor. During spring and summer, three atriums offer green spaces where you can have lunch, relax or study with friends. If you leave the Philosophikum behind, you take a left before you pass the "Zentralbibliothek". This will take you to SB-II (Political Science and Pedagogy. ) . . .

and the "Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät" (to the right of SBII). If you are interested in Natural Sciences, you should know that at JoGu you can take courses in Geoscience and Geography,  Biology (General Botany, Spec. Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Microbiology and Wine Research, as well as Molecular Biophysics) Biochemistry, Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry (housing the research reactor originally installed by Fritz Strassmann in 1965), Pharmaceutics, Math, Computing Science, Physics, (Atmosphere and Nuclear) all located in different buildings on campus. And not to forget: The Max Planck Institute for Chemistry was instrumental in developing the Mars-Exploration Rover.

The Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät also houses the main computer center (ZDV). Whenever you want to check email or print out a paper, you come here. If you look for help with your laptop-configuration, that's the place to go. The strangely shaped building to the right is called the "Muschel", contains more lecture-halls and is the site of legendary student-parties.

Turn around and walk towards the Zentralbibliothek, take a right and walk past the "ReWi"-Building (Law and Economy Building) towards the oldest part of campus, the "Forum".

At Forum", you find the "Studierendensekretariat" (door
on the right) in charge of enrollment procedures .....and the International Office (below, building on the left) as well.

If you leave the Forum, you'll walk past a book store, a store selling writing materials and stationery, and a post-office, until you reach one of the major bus stops from where the bus takes you to the inner city of Mainz within 20 min. 

On your way, you'll pass 'Schillerplatz with the Osteiner Hof (left) facing the  famous 'Fassenachts-"fountain consisting of countless jester figures.

You continue and drive through Ludwigstrasse, before you reach the busstop 'Höfchen' that puts the Dom, the "Altstadt", the "Marktplatz" and the "Fußgaengerzone" including the shopping area "Am Brand" (good book store AND ice cream parlor), within your reach.

If you come here on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, you may get some flowers at the farmers market, busily spreading all over the Markplatz till 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

Here local produce in accord with the season but also delicatessen, vegetables and fruit from all over the world are offered.

This is the place to come to if you want to practice listening to the local dialect--and take away a tasty snack for lunch! 

Equipped with your snack, walk along the cathedral towards the Rhine River. In order to get there you'll have to cross 'Rheinstrasse' at the Fischtor-Fountain. 

Once you've crossed the street and reached the fountain, you have the building housing the Middlebury office to your right, so you can either drop by or you just keep going to reach the Rhine River promenade . . .

. . . inviting you to enjoy the sun and a cool breeze in the summer. (This is a great stretch for jogging, too!)

On your way back, there's a wealth of discoveries to be  
made--all it takes to enjoy the beauty of this city is 
walking around with open eyes.