Pre-Arrival Checklist

There are many things you must do before you arrive on campus.   Each month there are things to do.   Here are the first two things you should do now.

1. Start your Pre-Arrival Checklist on Banner

  • Step one: Log onto Middlebury's online database BannerWeb for the comprehensive Pre-Arrival Checklist and updated links to all required forms.  To log on you will need your8-digit user ID,and yourPIN which is set to your birthday (MMDDYY) until you change it
  • Step two: Review the required and optional tasks.

2Set up your Middlebury College E-Mail Account

  • Step one: to set up your password.  You need your college ID number and your BannerWeb PIN to run this program.
  • Step two: to login to your email account
  • Step three: Begin checking your Middlebury email regularly, as it is the main way any college office will communicate with you.

Below is  the list of pre-arrival tasks you must complete,  organized by month and deadline.  To link to the tasks, you must log onto BannerWeb

For students arriving in February 2018, some of the tasks you will be able to complete in the spring of 2017, and many of them cannot be completed until the fall. 

The deadlines below are from the 2016-2017 academic year but if you want to review them, they will be similar for students entering in February 2018.  We will update the dates in May 2017. 


please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival task

  • July 1:
    • Personal Information
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Financially Responsible Contact Information
  • July 15: Authorized Payer

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • August 10: Parent Contact/Family Information: Enter new or update existing information; after Aug 10 any address and contact information changes for you or your family members must be directed to

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • September 1: Set up your Middlebury College Health Portal
    • Step one: Visit the Middlebury College Health Portal  to set up your new account.  You need your college email address and  ID number to run this program.  Problems?  Visit the Parton Center for Health and Wellness site for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.  Call 802-443-5112 if further assistance is needed.
    • Step two: Schedule a physical exam appointment with your primary MD/ DO/ NP/ PA  (required forms will be available through this portal and are due November 1, 2016)

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • October 1: Review Required Student Health Forms: Sign on to the Student Health Portal at  Visit for instructions on completing required general health forms.
  • October 15:
    • Early Arrival Registration Form (International, Exchange and U.S. Abroad Students only)
    • Form I-20/Form DS-2019 Application and Supporting Documents (International and Exchange Students only)

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • November 1:Submit Required Student Health Forms: Sign on to the Student Health Portal for instructions on uploading all required general health forms. If there is any possibility that you will participate in an intercollegiate sport or club rugby or crew, the NCAA requires that your physical exam must be completed within 6 months of the start of your athletic season. Problems?  Visit Parton Center for Health and Wellness for step-by-step guidance.  
  • November 20: Accommodations Request Form: Please complete this questionnaire to determine whether or not you may need accommodations at Middlebury.

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • December 1:
    • Housing Questionnaire: February admits complete by 12/1/16.
    • Tuition Payment: Billing notifications will be forwarded electronically in early November. Spring semester is due December 15. Middlebury will be transitioning to a new e-billing system. The system will be live in early July. More information will be sent out to students and families in early June. This e-billing system will also incorporate a monthly payment plan.
  • December 16: February Orientation Trip Registration: If you would like to register for an optional orientation trip, please sign up by December 16.  A direct link to the registration can be found in BannerWeb.

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • January 1:
    • Health Related Travel Information: Review Parton Health Center’s web page for the most up-to-date health related travel information as well as other guidance that might impact your studies at Middlebury.
    • ID Photo Submission: Submit a photo for your Middlebury College ID
  • January 9: First-Year Seminar Registration: This is only for first year students; transfer and exchange students do not enroll in First-Year Seminars and will complete course registration when they arrive on campus. Please note that registration for First-Year Seminars starts at NOON on January 3, 2017 and will close on January 9, 2017.
  • January 15: Housing Contract
  • January 16:
    • February Orientation Trip registration
    • Vehicle Registration and Parking Pass
    • Missing Person Contact
    • Bicycle Registration

please log into BannerWeb to access these pre-arrival tasks

  • February 1
    • Display/Update Preferred First Name and Pronoun: Any student can choose to be addressed by the first name that they prefer regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. Students can also indicate the gender pronoun they choose to identify with and would prefer others use when talking to or about them.
    • Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Form:  All students must have health insurance; you must take action and choose to either enroll or opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students arriving in February will be able to waive or enroll starting November 1.
  • February 8: Health and Wellness Courses: Prior to arrival on campus, all incoming students are REQUIRED to complete two health and wellness courses that address alcohol, drugs, relationships, sexual violence, bystander intervention, and harassment.  If you are an international student with limited access to the Internet or a student who has yet to complete the courses, you will be required to complete the courses shortly after arriving on campus.  Febs, your courses will be accessible starting January 9, 2016.
  • February 9: Placement exams: Whenever possible, placement exams should be taken in advance of your arrival on campus.  Placement exams will be available starting in January and a notice will be sent out electronically.