In accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), all Middlebury College students have the right to keep their educational records private.

What this means for parents and families of Middlebury College students is that they no longer have access to information that they may have been accustomed to receiving or having access to. This pertains to both academic and health records.

When and How Information Can Be Shared

As a general rule,  Middlebury College officials will only share information with a student’s parents or guardians when there is a real and imminent concern for safety, when there has been a change in a student’s academic status, or when an involuntary or medical change of a student’s academic status appears likely.

Examples of what this communication might look like:

  • Being copied on an email as a follow up to a pattern of alcohol or drug violations or a hospital transportation resulting from alcohol or drug use.
  • An email alerting you that your student has received course advisories in 2 or more courses or that they have received a course advisory when they are currently on Academic Probation.
  • Being copied on an email notifying a student that they are on Academic Probation or that they have been withdrawn from the college due to Academic Failure.
  • Being copied on an email confirming that a student has elected to take a Leave of Absence.
  • Direct outreach from a college official to discuss concern about a student’s immediate health or safety.
  • When a student has been found responsible for a conduct violation resulting in official college discipline

Students also have the right to request that we not share the above information with specific people when there is a concern for their safety through the sharing of this information. In these instances, we typically honor the students’ request and withhold the sharing of information.

In an Emergency

College officials will share a student’s emergency contact information with our local health agencies when a student has been transported there for care and there is a significant medical concern.

Student Requests to Share Information

Students who would like to have their grades shared with family members should follow up in-person with the Office of the Registrar. These requests must be done in person, and it must be evident that the student is acting of their own free-will. Middlebury College does not calculate or report formal midterm grades.

How We Work with Students

While it may feel unsettling to no longer have access to your students’ records and information, rest assured that we understand that many students are taking on the responsibility of independently managing their academic success and health for the first time when they arrive on our campus.  Because of this, we take a developmental approach in our work with students, preferring to do things “with them” as opposed to “for them” when they are facing challenges or concerns.  Our goal for students is that by the time they graduate from Middlebury, they will have gained the skills and knowledge to independently navigate their lives after college.

If You Have a Concern 

Class Deans are available to discuss concerns related to academics, but we prefer to have students be full participants in these conversations.  When a student is not present, a Class Dean can share general information about campus resources and college policy or take notes on information that is shared with them about a student, but they will not share information specific to any student. Class Deans will not engage in conversations with the assurance that these conversations will be kept private from the student.

Health professionals in our Center for Health and Wellness are also able to consult about health resources, but they will likewise not share private health information about a student without the student’s full participation and consent absent any immediate concerns for safety.

Should you have concerns about a student’s immediate health, safety or well-being, you can connect with a college official at any time by calling the Office of Public Safety at 802-443-5911.  In the event of a life threatening emergency, we advise calling 911 directly.