Junior year is a time for students to focus on high impact experiences such as internships, research and studying abroad.

While many students will feel excited seeing how these experiences can be a catalyst in achieving their post-collegiate goals, others may wonder what it means if their time spent outside of the classroom was less than ideal.  

The important thing to remember is that no matter the type of experience someone has, there is always something to be learned. Get in the habit of asking yourself these questions:  

What went well?

What did I learn? 

How can I use this experience as an opportunity to grow or achieve my goals?  

If you need help getting started with this exercise or could use assistance identifying resources that can support your continued growth and development, make an appointment with your Class Dean. Your Class Dean is also available to offer support in navigating academic policy and strategizing should academic concerns arise.

Junior Year Learning Outcomes

After completing their third year of college, Middlebury College students will have done the following:

  • Participated in high impact experiences such as supervised research, study abroad, and internships that challenge them to grow both personally and intellectually.
  • Explored career trajectories that support their plans for leading engaged, consequential and creative lives.
  • Embraced leadership roles on campus, in the broader community or within their field of study and be able to explain how their actions within these roles contribute to the greater good.
  • Explored how personal and community well-being is linked through experiential learning opportunities.

Meet Your Class Dean

Jennifer Sellers

Ze/Hir or She/Her

Senior Class Dean and Dean of the Junior Year Experience

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