Senior year is a time for students to reflect on how the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their time at Middlebury has positioned them to successfully transition to their lives beyond college.

While there is a lot to be excited about when thinking about next steps, it is also common for students to be somewhat unsettled during this time.  Capstone projects and job interviews can make time feel like a limited resource.  Students can also feel happy for friends who are achieving their goals, but also somewhat sad when they realize this means their relationships are going to change. These types of feelings are natural and to be expected!  

Developing clear goals and priorities, and continuing to utilize college resources, can help make this year of transition empowering and insightful.

Take the time to ask yourself these questions:

What are the resources on campus that can best set me up for success with the goals I have for my life beyond college?

How can I be most impactful in helping to create the most positive community possible on the Middlebury campus during the rest of my time here?  What transferable skills can I take with me when I move to my next community?

Why is it important that I live my life as an active, positive contributor to the world around me?

What have been the impacts of mentors and fellow students/community members on me during my undergraduate years? How does this shape how I see myself? How does it shape how I want to connect with others?

These questions, and the ensuing conversations, are one’s that your Class Dean welcomes having with you!  

Senior Learning Outcomes

By the end of their college careers, Middlebury College students will have completed the following:

  • Actively engaged in making positive contributions to the Middlebury College community and the world beyond in keeping with Middlebury College’s Community Standards
  • Created goals for life beyond college, including well-developed action steps, that align with the values and experiences that they have cultivated over their time at Middlebury.
  • Appropriately sought out and utilized resources that support their life-long success and well-being. 
  • Articulated how their experiences at Middlebury College have prepared them to lead engaged, consequential, and creative lives, contribute to their communities, and address the world’s most challenging problems.

Meet Your Class Dean

Scott Barnicle


Dean of Senior Year Experience

McCullough 137