One of the biggest decisions of the sophomore year is choosing a major to declare.

Some students may start the year with a clear major declaration plan, while others might still be exploring. Students will also continue to make decisions related to time management, establishing healthy priorities, and finding the right balance of extracurricular commitments. Planning for study abroad and internships might be foremost on students’ minds as well.

Sophomores are encouraged to contemplate their evolving long-term aspirations. 

What are my academic, social, and personal priorities for this year?

How do my curricular and co-curricular choices relate to my long-term goals?

Am I engaging with the myriad of campus resources that are here to support my Middlebury experience?

The Dean of the Sophomore Experience can serve as a sounding board to students as they chart their course for the sophomore year. Dean Longman can also guide students toward timely resources. Students are always encouraged to work with their Class Dean if they need academic support or guidance.

Sophomore Learning Outcomes

During their second year of college, Middlebury College students will have taken steps to complete the following:

  • Declare their major and articulate how it  will help them create positive change.
  • Develop and progress toward  long term goals through purposeful engagement with curricular and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Engage with the Experiential Learning Centers and reflect on how these experiences support their development as members of shared living, learning and working communities. 
  • Reflect on the impact that their behaviors have on others when living in a diverse, residential and educational community.
  • Develop and practice personal strategies that support leading a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle aligned with reaching their goals. 

Meet Your Class Dean

Matt Longman


Dean of the Sophomore Experience

McCullough 138