COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Please follow the directions below to register for your MiddView Trip!

All students entering in Fall 2019, including Transfer and Exchange Students, must register for a MiddView Trip by June 16th, 2019!

Follow the directions below to register for your MiddView Trip.

1. Visit our trips registration system to start your registration. 

2. You’ll need to make a new account, so press “start registration”.

new account

3. Create an account using your new Middlebury College email address. Make sure to write down your password, as you'll want it down the line.

account information

4. Once logged in, on the Participant Home Page, click “Start your MiddView Trip Registration”.

start registration

5. If you are a First Year Student, select “MiddView Trips (Fall 2019)".

If you are a Transfer or Exchange student click “Transfer and Exchange 2019 Orientation Trips".

6. Once you have selected the correct registration for you (either MiddView Trips, or Transfer and Exchange), the registration will turn green.  From there, use the next button at the bottom right of the screen to move through the registration form.  Feel free to save your registration, and log in and out of the program - you'll just need to remember your password!

7. When you are all done with your registration, be sure to press 'Submit'! You're all set!