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Trips for Transfer and Exchange Students

Strong Transfer and Exchange Trip applicants will be transfer students themselves, international students, or students who have recently studied abroad. We’re looking for students who have past experience leading groups, a passion for sharing Middlebury resources and a desire to create an inclusive community for new transfer/exchange students.


MiddView Trips 2019

Community Engagement Trips

Community Engagement (CE) Trips offer students the opportunity to volunteer with local agencies and non-profits that support the communities surrounding campus. Students on these trips interact with local community members and learn about important social issues in our “neighborhood’. No prior community engagement experience is required, just a willingness to learn and help out! Accommodations on CE Trips are indoors. Lodging includes sleeping on the floors of local churches, non-profit agencies, or schools. Participants have the opportunity to borrow sleeping bags and sleeping pads from our Gear Room once they have received their trip assignment. Click here to read more about our Community Engagement Trips!

Outdoor Exploration Trips

Outdoor Exploration (OE) Trips take place entirely or almost entirely in the great outdoors, often in remote areas. OE Trips include activities such as backpacking in the Green Mountains or Adirondacks, day hiking, canoe camping, rock climbing, and more. Almost all Outdoor Exploration Trips camp outside overnight, without access to running water or indoor restroom facilities. No prior outdoor experience is required! Just make sure to choose a trip that fits your needs and experience.  Click here to read more about our Outdoor Exploration Trips!

Transfer and Exchange Student Trips

tranfer and exchange students

Recognizing that Transfer and Exchange (T&E) Students have unique needs from other incoming students, our Transfer and Exchange Trips offer something different. Guided by student leaders, T&E Students participate in multiple off-campus day trips. As a T&E Student, you'll have the option to camp at a nearby campground for one night, but will otherwise return to campus each evening. You'll enjoy getting to know the communities surrounding the College while traveling and engaging with your peers. Click here to read more about our Transfer and Exchange Student trips!

Vermont Exploration Trips

Vermont Exploration (VE) Trips explore various aspects of Vermont’s cultural landscape.  Examples include working on local farms, engaging in local arts communities, visiting culturally significant locations, enjoying local products, and meeting with community leaders and entrepreneurs. Accommodations on Vermont Explorations trips vary widely. Some trips camp outside, some stay in yurts or studios, and others stay at our Bread Loaf campus. Accommodations for specific VE itineraries are listed in the individual trip descriptions. Click here to read more about our Vermont Exploration Trips!