Katy Smith Abbott

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College

Assistant Professor of the History of Art and Architecture

 Spring Semester: Fridays, 10:30-Noon (Exceptions: No hours on 3/10/17; 1:00-2:30 p.m. on 3/17/17; 11:30-Noon on 3/24/17)
 Old Chapel 104

Douglas Adams

Associate Dean of Students for Residential and Student Life

Director of Residential Life

 By appointment: Monday - Friday
 Service Building 230
 College of William and Mary

Miguel Fernandez

Chief Diversity Officer; Professor of Spanish

 Tues 1:30-3 & Fri 10-11:30
 Carr Hall 103

Jessica Holmes

Professor of Economics

Director, MiddCORE

 on leave fall/winter

Gus Jordan

Executive Director, Health and Counseling Services

 By appointment.
 Centeno House 003

Brian Lind

Assoc. Dean of Judicial Affairs and Student Life

 Service Building

Roberto Lint Sagarena

Dir, Anderson-Freeman Ctr and CCSRE; Assoc Prof, American Studies

Director, Anderson Freeman Resource Center

 Fall 2017: Tuesday 3:00-5:00, Thursday 3:00-4:00 or by appointment
 Carr Hall 105

Nadia Horning

Assoc Prof of Political Science; Dir, Ctr for Social Entrepreneurship

 fax 802-443-2050
 Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00, Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 and by appointment
 Robert A. Jones '59 House 118

Mark Orten

Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, Dir. Scott Center

 Scott Ctr for Spirit/Rel Life 103

Erin Quinn

Director of Athletics

 fax(802) 443-2124
 Peterson Family Athletics Complex
 Middlebury '86

Baishakhi Taylor

Dean of Students; Lecturer in Sociology

 Monday 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. & Wednesday 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
 Service Building 232


Sandra Carletti

Italian/Italian School

Commons Head

 SPRING 2016: Mon/Wed/Fri 11:30-12:30 and by appointment
 Voter Hall 110


Roman Graf

Professor of German; Head, Brainerd Commons

 Mon 12:30. - 2:30 p.m.(FIC Cook 231); Thur 2;00-3:00 (Stewart 217), Fri 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.(Stewart 217); and by appointment.
 FIC 231


Matthew Dickerson

Professor of Computer Science Commons Head - Cook

 Spring 2016: Tues 9:30am-10:30am (MBH); Tues 1:30pm-3:00pm (Battell); Wed 11:00am-11:45am (MBH); Wed 1:30pm-3:00pm (Battell); Thurs 9:30am-10:50am (MBH) except 4/14, 5/12
 on leave calendar year

Ian Sutherland

Commons Dean - Cook

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Classics

 By appointment only, please contact Francisca Drexel x 3330
 Battell North 150


Pavlos Sfyroeras

Professor of Classics; Head, Ross Commons

 Monday 1:00-2:00 (Ross), Tuesday 1:30-2:30 (AXT), Thursday 1:30-2:30 (AXT) or by appointment
 Twilight Hall 210

Maria Hatjigeorgiou

Faculty Co-Head, Ross Commons; Lecturer in Religion and GSFS

 Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:45 (Munroe 402); Fridays 2:00-4:00 (Ross Commons); and by appointment
 Munroe Hall 402


Jonathan Miller-Lane

Commons Head - Wonnacott

Associate Professor of Education Studies

 Mondays 1:30-4pm; Fridays 12:30-2pm in Battell, Wonnacott side
 Twilight Hall 107

Matt Longman

Commons Dean - Wonnacott

Special Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs and Dean of the College

 Battell South 122