Frequently Asked Questions.

Not sure what day you can arrive on campus? Curious as to how you can find a job on campus? Clueless as to where your family should stay while you are being oriented? Click on the green questions below to reveal helpful orientation-specific information.

Can I mail packages to the College prior to my arrival?

In February you can have packages arrive at Middlebury after February 5th.

The arrival of many first-year students necessitates that packages mailed before the start of the school year to be sent to the Service Building Warehouse.  New and returning students who are shipping large items to the College should use the following address:

Student Full Name (no nicknames, please)
Student's year (first-year, transfer, or exchange student)
(Box #) Middlebury College
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury, VT 05753

Packages should not weigh more than 50 lbs. The warehouse will be open throughout September Orientation to get your packages. Students can continue to pick up their packages until September 21. It is helpful to bring the package-tracking number and the name of the shipping company if possible to expedite package retrieval. 

Students mailing packages for arrival between September 14 and August 21 of the following year: During the academic year and summer, students who need to ship larger items (i.e., trunks, luggage, special-ordered equipment) to campus should send their items, prepaid, to their individual box number at the campus Mail Center.

If you order linens through Residence Hall Linens, then ship to the bookstore anytime after July 15th. Please use the following address:

Student Name

C/O Middlebury College Bookstore

58 Hepburn Road

Middlebury VT, 05753



Where can I find information about placement exams?
Incoming students planning to enroll in courses in certain departments will need to take that department's exam. Check the pre-arrival checklist to see when these will be occurring.
When will students learn about their housing assignments and roommates?

You will learn more about your housing situation the second week of August. In mid-June you will be asked to fill out a Student Housing form and questionnaire online. Please be patient! We understand your eagerness to learn about housing and work as quickly as we can to finalize your arrangements.  Click here for additional information about new student housing.

What should new students bring to campus?

Please see the What to Bring page.

How should students travel to campus?

Students participating in International Student Orientation will receive more detailed information about their travel and pick-up options. All students may choose to travel by plane, bus, or car to the Middlebury campus. For airport, bus, and taxi contact information, please see Middlebury's Transportation Options link.

Taxi and shuttle services (Middlebury Transit and Jessica's Transit, for example) do their best to match people with similar flights together to fill the vans, and therefore lower the cost for everyone. You may give them a call to check their most up-to-date rates. In a full van, it is possible for a trip to cost $25 a person. (It's about $80-100 for a taxi by yourself).

For more information and details on how to get to and around Middlebury, follow this link.

Public Transport is certainly an option, though a bit trickier because of limited runs. You just have three steps:
1. Take a bus from the Airport to downtown Burlington Vermont (Airport to Burlington Cherry St. Station)

2. Connect from downtown Burlington (Burlington Cherry St. Station) to Middlebury (Middlebury Merchants Row) via Addison County Transit Resource's Burlington Link Shuttle (ACTR)
3. Connect on ACTR's College-Hospital Loop Shuttle from Middlebury Merchants Row in town up to the Campus (Adirondack Circle)

Where can we shop in the area for room items?

The campus and town of Middlebury offer several options for general supplies within a five-minute drive, including the following stores:

Aubuchon Hardware: 40 Court St. #2 (802-388-1400)

Ben Franklin Variety Store: 63 Main Street (802-388-2101)

Rite-Aid: 263 Court St. (802-388-9573)

Hannaford's Supermarket: 260 Court St. #6 (802-388-1017)

Kinney Drugs: 40 Court St. #4 (802-388-0973)

Middlebury College Store: Lower Proctor Hall (802-443-5334)

Middlebury Co-Op: 1 Washington Street (802-388-7276)

Countryside Carpet and Paint: 16 Creek Rd. (802-388-6054)

Shaw's Supermarket: 8 Washington Street (802-388-0930)

T.J. Maxx: 260 Court St (802-388-3021)

Searching for more serious furnishings may require a trip to the Burlington/ Williston area, approximately an hour's drive, where shoppers can take advantage of the following resources among many others.

Bed Bath & Beyond: 115 Trader Lane, Williston (802-878-9991)

Home Depot: 759 Harvest Lane, Williston (802-872-0039)

Linens 'n' Things: 100 Maple Tree Place, Williston (802-879-9900)

Homeport: 52 Church Street, Burlington (802-863-4644)

Wal-Mart: 863 Harvest Lane, Williston (802-878-5233)

Will there be support available for setting up student computers?

Members of our Library and Information Services staff will be on hand in the main library to provide written set-up instructions specific to the students' computer hardware and software. In addition, the Technology Help Desk (ext. 2200; located in the library) will be staffed throughout the day to answer set-up questions by phone.

What if a member of our party has special needs?

We hope to make your visit to campus as successful as possible. If you or a member of your party has special needs regarding mobility, or visual or hearing impairments, please contact Penny Deacon, Assistant to the Associate Dean of the College, at 802.443.5771 or

What documents do I need in order to work on or off campus?

All students who choose to work on or off campus must complete a W-4 and an I-9 form in the Student Employment Office. The I-9 is a Federal form that helps establish employment eligibility. You must bring either a Social Security card or a birth certificate and picture ID. Passports are accepted as picture ID (International Students). Also accepted are a driver's license with the Social Security number on it (U.S. citizens) or a notarized copy of any of the above. International students will have an opportunity to apply for a Social Security number/card during International Student Orientation.

Will there be any Orientation activities just for parents?

We will offer an optional Family Orientation schedule starting around noon on September 8 through noon on September 9. We encourage parents to say their final goodbyes before lunch on Wednesday, September 9.

Whom should I contact with additional questions?
Family members with additional Orientation questions may contact us at or by calling (802) 443-3103. To contact other College offices, please explore this Web site for the appropriate contact.