February Orientation

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Feb Leader Welcome 2015

Dear Members of the Class of 2019 Entering in February,

Welcome, and congratulations on your recent acceptance! We are looking forward to your arrival in February of 2016.

For many “Febs,” the period between the completion of high school and arriving at Middlebury is a time of tremendous growth, reflection, and exploration. The opportunity to chart a unique path for yourself based on your needs, interests and strengths is a very special one, and no matter how you choose to make use of it, it will contribute to the shaping of your identity in important ways.

This period can also be one of uncertainty: in response, members of several Feb classes collaborated to identify those questions they agreed were most pressing for them during these transitional months prior to arrival. They then provided their individual answers to these questions with the hope that new Febs will find their range of perspectives and experiences reassuring and helpful. This advice can be found on the Feb FAQs page.

The MiddView Web site will be updated throughout the fall and will include important information about preparing for your arrival at Middlebury, so please review it frequently. All mailings sent to your class will be posted on that site as soon as they are available, so if you are not at home in the fall you can still access these materials. You should expect to begin to receive mailings in late October/early November.

It is with great anticipation and enthusiasm that we look forward to welcoming you to Middlebury, and we send you very best wishes for the summer and fall.


Baishakhi Taylor
Dean of Students

Feb Orientation 2015



Pre-Arrival Checklist

The February Pre-Arrival Checklist will be updated later this summer. Check back to keep up with important documents and deadlines.



FOO is Middlebury's Outdoor Orientation Trip for incoming February First-Year students.



You will receive several mailings and emails from the College over the course of the next few months.  We will post all of those documents here for easy reference.


MiddView Schedules

Curious as to what MiddView really entails? Anxious to know what you will be doing during your first week at Middlebury? This page contains schedules and information from last year, which will look a lot like the exciting events that you and your family members will take part in.


Additional Feb FAQs

Check out what current Febs have to say about their Feb Experience!


Campus Resources

Discover the variety of resources and services Middlebury has to offer students!