Andrew Wolfley '15.5 & Kate Hamilton '15.5

November 2014

Hey Febs!
Greetings from beautiful Vermont, where the leaves are turning and fall is in the air. We are the senior Co-chairs of Feb Orientation, and we just wanted to say how excited we are for you all to arrive!

Four score and seven Three years ago we were in your shoes. We jealously stalked our friends’ college photos on Facebook and deflected intrusive questions from relatives and neighbors. (“Yes, Grandpa. I’m starting college in February. No, I’m not on the waitlist!”) We felt forlorn and forgotten, like February would never come, but we’re here to tell you that February will come sooner than you think! And while you are gallivanting around the globe, working at home, or beating 2048 (respect!), we have been thinking of you and enthusiastically preparing for your arrival.

In the meantime, whether you’re going door-to-door  talking to strangers about Barack Obama (like Kate) or dressing a storefront mannequin for the fourth time (like Andrew), we hope that you are taking advantage of your Febmesters. You may not know what this
time means to you right now, but Middlebury selected you as a Feb for a reason. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, your Febmester is a time to “shake it off.” Use it to recharge after the stress of senior year and explore what you like, what you don’t like, and what you might want
for the future. Savor this rare and awesome opportunity and know that the Middlebury College community is going to be so much better with you in it.

As your Febmesters draw to a close and you get closer to arriving in snowy Vermont, you will most likely be feeling all kinds of feels. You might feel nervous, excited, so ready for college (like Andrew), or not ready at all (like Kate). Whatever wild mix of emotions you are riding, you can bet that many of your fellow Febs are feeling the same way.

Fear not; there is a line out the door of Sophomore Febs just clamoring to welcome you to the Middlebury community. We are in the process of selecting 24 of these young, wild, and free Feb Orientation Leaders. They were in your place just a year ago and are some of the most
warm-hearted, fired-up, and good-humored folks that Middlebury has to offer. They’ll help you get settled, hear your stories, and make sure that your transition to college is spectacular and memorable. (About that: bring a cowboy/cowgirl outfit and your best 80s workout attire with you to Midd—no questions. This is not a drill.)

Finally, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions at all (or just wanna send us a Febmester selfie or two). We can’t wait to finally meet you in February!

Your loving Feb Orientation Senior Co-Chairs,

Andrew Wolfley                                                   Kate Hamilton
awolfley@middlebury.edu                            krhamilton@middlebury.edu