Feb Co-Chairs 

October, 2015

Hey Febs!

Greetings from Middlebury! Although February may seem like a world away, as the Senior Co-Chairs, we wanted to take this opportunity to officially welcome you and tell you a bit more about what to expect when you arrive on campus. Trust us, this time will go by faster than you think.

Perhaps you are spending your time off interning at a human rights law firm (like Sarah) or teaching English at an orphanage in Vietnam (like Tommy). Maybe you are hiking less-trodden trails, reading old books in hipster coffee shops, waiting tables at a local pizza place or caring for a family member. Maybe this time has been magical. Maybe nothing has gone according to plan. Wherever you are and whether you are feeling aligned, daring, curious, restless, tired, unsure, ready or all of the above and more, these days are preparing you to take Middlebury by storm and with wisdom. Our hope for you is that your “Febmester” will give you space to breathe, think deeply, and choose your own adventures.

All the while in Vermont, as the fall air becomes crisper and the leaves turn to golden hues, we are currently in the process of fielding applications from sophomore Febs who are eager to be your orientation leaders. In a few weeks, we will have selected 24 of the most warm-hearted, fired-up, joyful people to guide you with care through the orientation process. They will be ready to listen to your stories, give hugs if you need them, and make sure your transition is memorable and meaningful. We promise to keep the Kumbayah singing and what-is-your-spirit-vegetable?-icebreaker-circle time to a minimum. But do add “neon spandex” to your packing list.

As your Middlebury acceptance letter should have told you, Febs are a very unique and talented group. Your exceptional leadership, character, integrity, personality and hard work have led you here. Please trust that you will be at Middlebury for a reason, and as you make this exciting, and at times stressful, transition, we promise to be here, supporting you every step of the way. In the meantime, stay healthy, catch beautiful sunsets, and cherish this precious time. If you have any questions, send us an email. We’d be happy to hear from you!

We can’t wait to meet you.


Sarah James & Tommy Finton