Hey Febs!

As the spring semester winds down and finals knock on our door like a giddy trick-or-treater, the thought of your arrival next February fuels our determination to finish strong. We are the senior Co-Chairs of Feb Orientation, and we literally cannot wait to meet each of you soon.

Although we may be apart (Sarah in Vermont, Tommy in Italy) our Skype sessions usually involve some verbalization of our excitement for Orientation 2016. One of the joys of being a Feb is having the opportunity to pass on your wisdom to others: how to navigate Ross on Greek Night, where to study on sunny days, how to walk like a penguin to avoid slipping on ice. We (along with your beautiful Feb leaders) will be here to make sure that the fast-approaching arrival on campus be a febtastic one (you’ll soon realize that Feb can be added to improve absolutely any word).

My name is Tommy Finton, a History-Italian double major from Bethesda, Maryland, and I’m more excited than Kanye listening to Kanye. Since September, I’ve been studying in Florence, Italy, embracing new cultures and eating a lot of pasta, pizza, and gelato…seriously, there’s so much of it!

 And my name is Sarah James, an English and American Literatures major from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I have spent this past year at Middlebury, running the MiddSafe Advocates program, meditating, hiking, cross-country skiing, and drinking copious amounts of tea. I plan to spend the summer becoming a yoga teacher, studying literature at the University of Oxford, and roaming the Irish countryside.

We are excited to reunite in the fall and to begin planning an amazing orientation for all of you.  The influx of new Febs in the dead of winter brings welcomed life and energy to our campus. Wherever these next few months take you, may you be happy and healthy. Middlebury will be waiting and ready for you. We will see you soon!! 

Tommy Finton                      

Sarah James