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Middlebury is dedicated to its values of diversity, community, creativity and innovation. To learn more about all of the resources available to you here at Middlebury, and how these values play out in everyday life here at Midd, please visit our Student Life Page.

Student Government Association

A bit dormant during the summer recess, however the SGA blog is a great place to learn all about our SGA and see previous meeting minutes.

Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB)

There is always something happening thanks to our Campus Activities Board! Free Friday Night Films, Trivia Nights, dance parties . . . it's endless! Click here to see more.

Student Organizations

With over 100 student organizations, it is so easy to get involved! Browse all the student orgs here.

Dining at Middlebury

For everything dining, check out our dining services. Whether you're in the mood for an elaborate panini, refreshing smoothie, slice of pizza or PB & J, dining has you covered.

Middlebury Anthem

Just in case you want to start practicing so you can sing your heart out during convocation! For the tune . . . check out a great performance by some students during the Hunt (a winter term four day scavenger hunt extravaganza!) assisted by Francois Clemmons (Middlebury's Alexander Twilight Artist-in-Residence)

"Walls of Ivy" Alma Matter

Verse 1: Walls of Ivy, paths of beauty,
we have known and loved them well,
Spired chapel rising proudly,
Morning hymn and evening bell.

Chorus: Middlebury, Alma Mater,
Symbol of his strength and truth,
Symbol of his strength and truth

Verse 2: Sunset glowing o'er the mountains,
Snowy peaks and winding ways,
Peaceful stillness o'er the campus,
Mem'ries of most happy days. (chorus)

Verse 3: Loyal ever in these friendships,
We have spent four glorious years.
Filling us with hope and courage,
Till the hour of parting nears. (chorus)