MiddView Leader Application

Dear prospective MiddView trip leader,

2013 will mark the 25th consecutive year of orientation trips at Middlebury! It’s therefore fitting that it will also be the largest trips program in our history! Our goal is for every incoming first year to participate. We are incredibly excited at this prospect, but to make it a reality will require many committed leaders. We therefore offer a hearty thank you for your interest in leading a MiddView trip next fall. You are needed!

The goals of the trips program are to introduce incoming first years to the community, cultural and natural landscapes around campus, and to provide support and camaraderie as they negotiate the challenges of transitioning to life at Middlebury. This is where you the prospective leaders fit in: All MiddView trips are peer-led, because no one is better suited to introduce first years to Middlebury than our current students. Groups may volunteer, hike, paddle, climb, and explore, but the unifying thread no matter the trip type is this peer-facilitated group experience.

We place considerable responsibility in leaders’ hands and accordingly, the leader application process is highly selective. Specific training and program dates are outlined on the application accessible by the link below. Please carefully review them before deciding to apply.

Thanks again for your interest in leading a MiddView trip! We look forward to reviewing your application soon!

Click below to start the journey! 

MiddView 2013 Trip Leader Application