Why Middlebury?

Academic rigor, deep involvement in another culture, and the freedom to explore on their own terms: these are the attributes that appeal to students who enroll in the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad.

The Schools Abroad provide an authentic experience through guided independence, allowing students to immerse themselves as fully as they wish in the host language and culture.  Programs vary in nature and in size, though all remain small enough to sustain individual initiative in participants who range from the mildly adventurous to the trailblazer.  A Middlebury staff presence in all primary sites, and increasingly in secondary sites, provides full in-country academic and personal support.

All instruction is in the host country language and conforms to that country's educational approach. The challenge, therefore, is more than linguistic. It also involves adjusting to a new way of teaching and learning--an education in itself. Universities in most other countries, for example, expect students to exercise a high degree of self-determination in their learning, and therefore courses may have less structure than U.S. students are used to. Middlebury resident staff can help ease the transition as students navigate unfamiliar university systems and policies.

Students in the Schools Abroad thrive on the freedom to tailor an authentic experience that is most rewarding to them. They come away not only with superior language proficiency, but with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. Those who remain for two semesters or do an internship gain an even greater ability to function in another culture and view their own culture from an entirely different perspective.

Students may study a variety of academic disciplines abroad. For a complete list of subjects offered at all our Schools Abroad, please view the Discipline Grid.