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Housing in Berlin

Most School in Germany students are placed in dormitories run by  Studentenwerk Berlin. Typical dorm accommodations are single rooms with communal cooking facilities much like suites in American colleges.  A number of factors, including size and age of the room determine the cost; hence rent varies. For rent estimates check the handbook

N.B. Dorms are not operated by the university. Students from other institutions of higher education and non-students may also live there. There are no refunds for missed or unused time. Students are reminded to exercise normal caution with respect to their personal safety and personal property while living abroad.

Students are also able to secure their own housing. In order to maximize both linguistic and cultural immersion, no one is permitted to share accommodation with another English speaker.

Ultimately, students are responsible for arranging their own housing. If you want to live in one of the dorms administered by the  Studentwerk Berlin (click for map), you apply for a room via the School in Germany. Since they operate on a first-come, first-served basis, we cannot know in advance where your dorm will be or guarantee that you find the same services and amenities in all of them. Typical dorms have up to 10 rooms on one floor with communal bathrooms and cooking facilities. Students are reminded to exercise normal caution with respect to their personal safety and personal property.

Since the College is in no position to respond to requests for
special arrangements, students with more specific housing needs must use those avenues employed by German students, e.g., ads in local papers in Berlin which provide information on private rooms. No addresses or other information are given out by mail. If you choose to room privately, you should arrive in Germany 4 weeks prior to orientation and be prepared to stay in temporary quarters until your search is successful. One of those quarters could be the Studentenhotel Hubertusalle.

The Mitwohnzentrale "Freiraum" can help you to find preliminary quarters as well as a permanent room. You may also check the online-Wohnungsbörse of the Studentenwerk that allows you to choose a price range as well as living arrangements (single room or Wohngemeinschaft) and the offers of the Berliner Wohnungsbaugenossenschaften. If you find your own room, you should be prepared to pay rent for three months in advance.

The staff of the International Office of FU are also available to offer suggestions or support if you choose to find your own housing. Please visit their offices or their website or simply e-mail them to get started bruemmer@zedat.fu-berlin.de.

If you want to find your own housing, you might want to check the following websites:




Whatever you choose, remember that housing with English-speaking students is not permitted.

Please Note:

Middlebury does not control nor check all rooms that might be offered at the links listed on this page. We would like to strongly discourage students from signing a rental contract before they have seen the room in question.

Please feel free to ask for our assistance, if you'd like one of our staff to accompany you on your first visit of that room / Apartment.

For legal advice for renters in Berlin, you might turn to a local Mieterverein:


We can assist you by accompanying you to an appointment, but we can not give legal advice to you or arrange for you to get that kind of advice.