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Housing in Mainz

Most School in Germany students are placed in dormitories run by Studentenwerk Mainz or Studentenwerk Berlin and are billed prior to departure by Middlebury College (who in turn pays the rent) in 6-month increments. Typical dorm accommodations are single rooms with communal cooking facilities much like suites in American colleges. A number of factors, including size and age of the room determine the cost; hence rent varies.

N.B. Dorms are not operated by the university. Students from other institutions of higher education and non-students may also live there. There are no refunds for missed or unused time. Students are reminded to exercise normal caution with respect to their personal safety and personal property while living abroad.

Students are also able to secure their own housing. In order to maximize both linguistic and cultural immersion, no one is permitted to share accommodation with another English speaker.

Students are ultimately responsible for making their own housing arrangements, but Middlebury College has a special arrangement with the Studentenwerk Mainz enabling the program to place most graduate and undergraduate students in university dormitories, providing additional contact with German university life. Students interested in the rooms reserved for Middlebury students will be asked to complete a housing form after acceptance into the program.

Inter I and Inter II are located next to each other and equally close to the Mensa and the Philosophikum. For a tour of the Mainz campus, click here--or view the Campus Map.

Other on-campus dormitories are "Forum" and "Mainzer Kolleg." Within walking distance, there is "Münchfeld." "Hartenberg" (close to Münchfeld) and "Valenciahaus" (close to the city-center) are a 10 to 15-min bus-ride away.

All rooms have internet-access. If you bring your laptop equipped for wireless internet access, you can go online no matter where you are on campus. You can buy the necessary card at the ZDV (computer center on campus).

Private rooms and apartments are at an absolute premium in Mainz; thus, students who choose to find their own living quarters should plan to arrive in Germany in early September. In order to find an apartment, you can check the page of the Mainzer Verkehrsverein, the webpage of the Mitwohnzentrale Mainz and the City-Mitwohncentrale Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt. If you should have to stay in preliminary quarters, the Mainz Youth Hostel is a reasonable alternative to the local hotels.

For estimated costs see the handbook of the School in Germany.

If you want to find your own housing, you might want to check the following websites:

Wohnungen in Mainz

Wohnungen und Wohngemeinschaften in Mainz

Wohngemeinschaften in Mainz

Wohnen / Wohngemeinschaft in Mainz

Please observe that sharing apartments with other English-speaking students is not permitted.