Middlebury Schools Abroad

Co-curricular Activities

Explore the Mainz-Webpage. Here you'll find listings of all the clubs and organisations offering so many activities that you will say: so much to do and so little time! Make new German friends while pursuing the hobby you've always loved or by taking up a new one altogether. (By the way - don't miss the numerous restaurants offering international as well as local specialties in a typically German "gemuetliche" atmosphere.)

For Theater fans, Mainz is the right place as well. The "Mainzer Staatstheater" with its additional stages in the "Kleine Haus" and the "TIC", the "Mainzer Kammer Spiele" (click here and then on "links") and the political, satirical and hilariously funny "Mainzer Unterhaus" (quite famous in Germany and a stage on which every self-respecting German "Kabarettist" has to have performed) stage a variety of performances that include classical and contemporary German and internationally acclaimed drama, concerts performing the music of all periods, as well as operas and "Operetten," something in between an opera and the American type of the musical. As you see, you won't ever be asking yourself WHAT to do, but rather HOW to get everything done -- especially in the summer, when open-air concerts and festivals pop up all over the Rhein-Main area. One of the most popular is the Open-Ohr-Festival in Mainz on Pentecost-weekend (including Monday).

Needless to say, there are a couple of movie theaters in Mainz, one of them the "CineStar" containing 10 different theaters and a Mexican Restaurant that serves brunch on Sundays.

In the summer, every Wednesday, hundreds of skaters meet in front of the Staatsthater for a 'Skate-Night.' The recently opened Taubertsbergbad invites you take a swim in winter or summer, inside or outside.

You can count on being supported in pursuing your cultural, historical, musical or sportive interests on your own. Lots of materials containing information on countless spots of interest in Mainz and the close-by cities of Wiesbaden (capital city of Hessen) and Frankfurt ("Museumsufer") are provided.

If you visit museums or exhibitions of educational value, admission fees will be refunded by the School if you provide the ticket and/or the receipt. If you are not sure whether the exhibition or event you want to visit is covered by this policy, please contact the director in advance. On reasonable grounds, the director may refuse to refund a ticket or choose to only refund a certain percentage of the full price.

Besides the activities students pursue on their own, an excursion to Weimar is offered by the director every semester. Assistance with the planning and organizing of individual trips is likewise available. Students are entitled to a specified refund of their travel costs, museum tickets, theater admission, and the like.

Of course we usually celebrate Thanksgiving (well -- with a German turkey...) and the German "Nikolaus" (Dec. 6) together, join in the fun of the "Mainzer Fassenacht" in February, and organize German Movie Nights in the spring. You're always welcome to bring German (-speaking) friends!