Middlebury Schools Abroad

Travel in Germany

In order to plan your trip to German cities and places of interest, you can easily collect information by going to the cities' websites. Their names all consist of www., the cities name, and ".de". If you wonder how long it may take you to get there by train and how expensive the tickets might be, go to www.bahn.de. If you know you will be traveling long distances by train at least three times during your stay, you may want to purchase the Bahncard (for students) at the Reisezentrum of the Deutsche Bahn in every main train station. This card costs 100€ but it cuts all of your in-country travel by 50%. Another option is the German Rail Pass, a pass for non-Europeans to use in Germany www.germanrailpasses.com. For safe, clean, and reasonable lodging options, check the website of the Deutsche Jugendherbergen.