2016-2017 School in Israel Calendar

Fall Semester


September 11

Fall Semester begins

October 2-4

Rosh Hashannah Vacation

October 11-12

Yom Kippur Vacation

October 16-24

Sukkot Vacation

October 30

Beginning of BGU Fall Semester

November 13-17

Mid-term Exams

December 15

End of Classes

December 18-22

Final Exams

December 25

Channukah Vacation

December 26

Last Day for Dorm Check Out

Spring Semester

March 13

Spring semester begins

April 17-19

Passover Vacation

May 1-2

Memorial Day/Independence Day Vacation

May 14-18

Mid-term Exams

May 30-31

Shavuot Vacation

June 22

OSP Classes End

June 25-28

Final Exams

* June 30

End of BGU regular classes

* July 2

Last day to check out of dorms

* These dates are for students who opt to pursue a direct-enrollment course in a regular BGU classs for the spring semester.