Internship Opportunities

While we do our best to assist students interested in pursuing an internship, we cannot guarantee an internship placement. The application process is competitive, and only qualified candidates will ultimately be offered an internship.

Internship possibilities span a wide range, and vary from site to site, but generally include government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, the media, educational organizations, and the arts.  Recent students have participated in internships in Spain at FUNDESO (Fundacion Desarrollo Sostenido), WWB (Women's World Banking), Hilti Española S.A., and ACNUR (Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para Refugiados). In Italy, students participated in internships in the American Consulate in Florence and the Horne Museum. In France, students have interned in the Assemblée Nationale, the Conseil Régional d'Ile de France, Maria Louisa Design, Frac I'le de France, the Robert Schuman Foundation, and Theatre et Cinema Ile de France. And in Russia students have interned at CNN, NPR, The United States-Russia Investment Fund, The MacArthur Foundation, Project Harmony, The Golden Ring newspaper, The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, The Eurasia Foundation, The Moscow Institute of Modern Art, Yaroslavl Investment Center, as well as local schools and libraries. In any given year, however, we cannot guarantee an internship in a specific field or organization, though we will make every effort to accommodate. Please be aware that prospective internship providers normally expect candidates to have appropriate skills or background knowledge and interest in the field. In addition, students must have strong functional skills in the target language. If your language skills are not strong enough, you may not qualify for an internship.

Internships in Israel

Below is a list of organizations with which participants in the Program in the Middle East may pursue internships:

Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development - NISPED was founded in 1998 and is a non-profit association which promotes peace and development, focusing on the centrality of the civil society. NISPED serves as a center for education, training and project development for societies in transition.

Tor Hamidbar - Tor HaMidbar generates social change in the Negev by creating honest partnerships with the people of the Negev in order to enhance public infrastructure and establish important but unavailable services in Beer-Sheva and the region beyond.

Amcha - About 40,000 elderly Israeli Holocaust survivors still suffer from the late effects of trauma exposure early in life. In order to overcome the limitations of the existing services, Amcha was founded in 1987. They decided to focus on non-material, psychosocial and largely preventive support, rather than on mental health treatment per se. The goal was to create a framework for mutual aid, memory processing and grief resolution, as well as a place where survivors and their families could feel at home and be understood.

The Startup Center - This is a center that services the local young adult population (18-35) in areas of higher education, employment, and social involvement. It provides information and guidance so people can take advantage of resources around them and build better lives for themselves in the Negev. The intern will be assigned to work as an assistant in one of the various programs in the center, based on his/her skills, experience, areas of interest, and Hebrew level. This is a great opportunity to work in a dynamic environment, meet new people outside of campus, and learn about the challenges facing local young people in Beer Sheva.  (This is a good site for volunteer opportunities, but not for credit-bearing internships.)

Hagar – Jewish-Arab Education for Equality - In this unique school, classes contain an equal number of Jewish and Arab students, a Jewish teacher, and an Arab teacher.
Possible roles for interns:

  • Research assistant for pedagogic manager (one intern only).
  • Assistance in theme-based classes.
  • Working in the kindergartens (reading a story, dance activity, etc).

The work in this school requires a high level of commitment, i.e., not missing activities. The intern will have a regular working schedule that they will be expected to follow.

The Goodman Acting School - The idea here is to volunteer together with a student from the Goodman acting school. Students in this school are in their early twenties. This is a great opportunity to meet people outside campus, cultivate new friendships, and get to know the Goodman Acting School. Students can get to choose their favorite volunteering option (usually youth at risk, education, or working with low-income populations). (This is a good site for volunteer opportunities, but not for credit-bearing internships.)

Enosh - This Israeli nonprofit Mental Health Association, was founded in 1978 by a group of families, volunteers and professionals. The declared mission is to promote mental health issues for individuals (and their families) dealing with a psychiatric disability, provide rehabilitation services and support during the recovery process, help improve functioning skills in order to live as independently as possible in the community; and fight stigmatization. The Enosh center in Beer Sheva is located steps away from your dormitories. Interns may assist the team at the local center in various in-class activities (art, dance, etc.). If you are confident enough, you may suggest and lead your own activity with the people at the center.  (This is a good site for volunteer opportunities, but not for credit-bearing internships.)