Universidad Nacional de Cordoba photo
My host mom Isabelle and host brother Mathias, Jackie Pomeroy (Pomona '11) and the kittens! -- Anjali Dhar, Pomona '11
We cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner and shared it with my host Marisol and a friend of hers. Also in the picture: Alec Barfield '11 and Nora Hirozawa '11. -- Nellie Wood, Middlebury '11
My host family was the most integral part of my life abroad and we shared countless experiences together. They included me in their daily lives and we were so close that we could even tease each other, laugh at each other and be there for one another during difficult times. My host mom, Alicia, helped me adjust to the huge bustling city of Buenos Aires, taught me so much about the porteno culture and also helped me discover new things about myself. We still keep in touch and I have great memories of our simple times together, eating meals, walking our dog, driving and talking. -- Rebecca Friendly, Wesleyan University '11