Middlebury Sciences EH&S Working Group

The Middlebury Sciences Environmental Health and Safety Working Group self-formed in October 2015 when Cathy Ekstrom invited EH&S Coordinator Jen Kazmierczak to meet with new staff members Beth Eliason and Katie Gillespie to discuss safety improvements in Bicentennial Hall.  That first conversation generated positive energy and excitement as we realized we had a shared vision for improvement of the safety culture within the Middlebury Sciences. Since that first meeting our group has met regularly to develop and prioritize goals; including the development of new laboratory safety training programs.

The Sciences EH&S Working Group invites interested faculty, staff, and students to contact us with ideas and feedback.

 Sciences EH&S Working Group Vision Statement

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations;
  • Create sustainable EHS programs (training, audit program, commitment and involvement at all levels);
  • Collaborative approach involving faculty, staff, and students;
  • Develop a culture of safety throughout all programs.


Jonathan Kemp

Telescope and Scientific Computing Specialist

 work(802) 443-2265
 Fall 2022: by in-person or virtual appt
 McCardell Bicen Hall R01

Tim Wickland

Director of Sciences Support Services and Bicentennial Hall

 work(802) 443-5421
 McCardell Bicen Hall 333