What is the MBH/Sciences Exposure Control Checklist?

The MBH/Sciences COVID-19 Exposure Control Checklist, which should be read carefully, is a document containing various control measures needed to meet state requirements and college policy, while taking into consideration the uniqueness of our situation in the sciences. All persons entering McCardell Bicentennial Hall are required to adhere to all the provisions of this Checklist.

Where can I find the MBH/Sciences Exposure Control Checklist?

The MBH/Sciences Exposure Control Checklist is periodically updated and the most current version is posted on the web at http://go.middlebury.edu/covid19mbh-checklist .

Am I responsible for cleaning and disinfecting classrooms?

All Bicentennial Hall classrooms are currently scheduled to be cleaned once a day by the custodial staff once classes begin.  It is expected that in between class sessions, faculty and students will use disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces they will be or have been in contact with.

Am I responsible for cleaning and disinfecting shared laboratory spaces (including computer laboratories)?

Yes. The custodial staff will not be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting any shared laboratory spaces.  When possible, it is recommended that faculty and students wear disposable gloves to decrease the amount of cleaning and disinfecting necessary.  However, when wearing gloves it is very important that the individual not touch their face, mask, or any personal belongings such as their cell phone or computer. Please refer to the Guidance for Using Shared Spaces in Bicentennial Hall for additional information: http://go.middlebury.edu/covid19mbh-supplement

What cleaning supplies are available for me to use and where do I get them?

Each teaching space will initially be stocked with several containers of disinfectant wipes. Currently, each floor has 70% ethanol spray solutions located in a variety of locations. We ask that if you use a spray bottle for cleaning you kindly return it to the same location promptly for others.

What about chalk and erasers?

Chalk and erasers are provided in all classrooms that have blackboards. However, because these items are difficult to disinfect, you can choose to check out your own from Caitlin Carr in the MBH 143 Lab Stores, which you would then take with you to each class.  Alternatively, you can choose to use disposable gloves, which are also available from Caitlin.

Are there masks available for me to use?

Each individual should always have their own cloth face mask with them. However, the stockroom does have a limited supply of cloth face masks that are available for employees, should you need one. Additionally, if a surgical mask is required for your work, the college will supply disposable surgical masks from the Lab Stores stockroom.

When should I use a surgical mask instead of a cloth mask?

Anyone working in the vivarium must wear a disposable surgical mask, rather than a cloth mask, in order to minimize exposure to allergens. If you are working with chemicals that pose the risk of chemical particulates being adsorbed onto your cloth mask, you should also wear a disposable surgical mask.

Do I still need to wear a mask in a research lab?

This requirement is the same as for an individual’s office. If you are alone, no mask is needed, but as soon as more than one person is present, all are required to wear masks.

Am I required to evaluate exposure risks in my research lab?

Yes, individual faculty are responsible for evaluating the potential exposure risk of activities conducted in their research labs and for implementing an appropriate control plan. Faculty must also implement a disinfection plan for those areas and activities where gloves are not worn. Mitigation methods to consider include scheduling specific times for each individual to perform an activity and setting staggered work hours to ensure that 6 feet of physical distancing can be maintained at all times.

What if I need to work with someone closer than 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes?

The activity will need to be reviewed and appropriate mitigation procedures approved in advance. Speak with Caitlin Carr for assistance.

How are mail deliveries being handled?

Campus Mail staff will not be going through the building, but will instead drop off incoming and pick up outgoing mail at the Lab Stores stockroom. This will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, generally before 10:00 AM. Caitlin Carr will then deliver the incoming bundles and pick up any outgoing bundles of mail within Bi Hall. Because these in-house pickups will only be leaving the building as of the next Campus Mail visit, the process will typically incur an additional two-day delay for outgoing mail. If your mail needs to go out sooner, you should drop the items off yourself at the Lab Stores.

Will external vendors or contractors be allowed in Bicentennial Hall?

During Phase 1 of the fall reopening, only essential outside personnel are allowed to be on campus. This would include contractors who are installing or servicing instruments needed for our fall programs but typically would not include sales people, for example. All outside contractors need to go through a formal approval process before they are permitted to enter the building. For more information, speak with Tim Wickland.

Is there a way to create a calendar for shared space scheduling?

There are several ways to create a shared calendar for spaces in Bicentennial Hall. Please speak with Jody Smith or Jonathan Kemp for assistance in this area.

Will I be able to rent a van for field trips? What will the capacity be?

College vehicle rentals will not be available until we have moved on to Phase 2. At that point, rentals will be available on a limited basis with a greatly reduced capacity yet to be determined.  Prior approval is likely to be required for any field trips.

Am I able to transport a student in my personal vehicle for research purposes?

The college currently allows only two people, both wearing masks, to occupy a vehicle while on college business. As with van rentals, prior approval is likely to be required to transport a student.

What are the Maximum Occupancy determinations for spaces in Bicentennial Hall?

The most recent maximum occupancy determinations for spaces in Bicentennial Hall can be found at http://go.middlebury.edu/covid19mbh-occupancy.

What if I feel the Maximum Occupancy set for space is inadequate/inappropriate?

Maximum occupancies are subject to review and possible change based on the types of activities that will occur in the space. Users will be expected to demonstrate why other means, such as implementing alternating schedules for students, will not suffice. To initiate a review, speak with Tim Wickland or Cathy Ekstrom.

Once the semester starts, will faculty or staff have card swipe access to the building any day/time?

Due to the need to have a Health Officer on site, general building access will be permitted only during the open hours in effect at the time. Access at other times needs to be arranged in advance through Cathy Ekstrom or Tim Wickland to ensure we are meeting all state and college requirements.

How will student access to Bicentennial Hall be granted?

Student access will be limited, with schedules and parameters yet to be finalized. Cathy Ekstrom will arrange Bicentennial Hall access for all authorized students.