Safety in Laboratories

Lab Safety

Required Lab Safety Training

An important component of laboratory safety is to ensure that all lab workers are properly trained.  

Anyone working in Middlebury's Science Building, McCardell Bicentennial Hall, who has access to the building outside of regular business hours, must complete the on-line MBH Hazard Awareness Training; this provides important information related to hazards that may be encountered in certain areas of the building, as well as appropriate emergency response measures.

Faculty, staff and students working in laboratories are also required to complete additional trainings, as outlined in the Midd Lab Safety Training Matrix.

In addition to required on-line and classroom trainings, laboratory supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all lab workers receive lab-specific training about the hazards in their lab.  It is strongly recommended that written documentation of any lab-specific training is kept on file. The Sciences EH&S Working Group has developed a Laboratory Orientation Checklist to assist with this process.