If you live in the United Kingdom, you can make a tax-deductible gift to Middlebury through the UK Trust.

Join the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd.

If you pay taxes in the United Kingdom, did you know that you can make a gift to Middlebury that could be worth significantly more, thanks to UK charity laws?

The Middlebury College UK Trust, Ltd is a registered UK Private Ltd Company and Charity

Whose purpose is to advance education, in particular by providing grants to President & Fellows of Middlebury College and to their educational institutions to assist in the advancement of the education of students attending the institutions. It operates the Middlebury College CMRS Oxford Humanities Program and the Bread Loaf School of English at Lincoln College for the President and Fellows of Middlebury College.

If you would like to learn more about UK tax benefits and whether or not your gift would be eligible for Gift Aid, please visit the official webpage of HM Revenue & Customs. Your gifts through the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd., directly benefit students, faculty, and programs at Middlebury and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). Thank you!

You are also welcome to contact us at Middlebury College and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have. 

Please email Eamon Del Giacco, Associate Director of Leadership Gifts at Middlebury College and staff representative for the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd. or telephone at +1 802 443 3002.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd., is a charity of Middlebury College, which qualifies for specific benefits under UK income tax laws. The Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd. is set up in accordance with the regulation of HM Revenue and Customs especially for UK taxpayers, including those who also pay US taxes.


If your contribution meets the requirements of the UK’s Gift Aid program, the value of your gift may increase by 25 percent.

In order to encourage philanthropy, Gift Aid allows a charitable institution to reclaim the taxes paid on a gift amount, according to the current tax rates set by HM Revenue and Customs. You would be donating not only the amount you chose, but also the income taxes you previously paid to the UK government on that amount.

Since the UK income tax base rate is 25%, for every £1 donated to the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd., would actually receive an additional 25 pence. So, for instance, a gift of £10,000 would actually provide £12,500 to support Middlebury College.


Please send your gift by mail to Eileen Flood, a London-based administrator of the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd. at the following address:

Eileen Flood

Administrator, Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd.

19 Norcott Road

London N16 7EJ

United Kingdom

Phone: 020.7502.2813

When Eileen receives your gift, she will send you a Gift Aid Form, which you should fill out and return so that you and your gift can qualify for UK tax benefits. If you would like to complete the Gift Aid Form and send along with your gift click here.

Your funds donated to the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd. will be transferred to Middlebury College and designated to the purpose you have specified. Then, we’ll recognize your gift, as your contribution goes to work for students at the College.



Depending on your situation and your taxpayer status, your gift may qualify as a tax deduction or as tax relief in the UK, the US, or possibly both.

However, since individual circumstances differ considerably, we recommend that you consult a personal financial advisor to find out how a gift to the Middlebury College-UK Trust, Ltd. can best benefit you.

UK Trust Directors

Peter Aspbury ’94
Jason Bacon ’84
Emily Bartels, Dean, Bread Loaf School of English
Alberto Citarella, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Staff Representative
Pamela D. Johnston ’80
Erika H. Lederman ’86
Jayne L. W. Maxwell ’87
Chris Metlzer, Controller
David Provost, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration
Carlos Velez, Dean of International Programs