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Gregory Pask - Social Sniffers: Decoding Smell in Ants and Unlighted Fireflies

Smell is the most important sense in the life of an insect. It drives critical behaviors such as foraging for food, finding a mate, and locating an egg-laying site. But ants living in a colony also need to communicate with their sisters! And some fireflies have gone to the “dark side” and no longer produce dazzling courtship displays at night. Our current research fueled by Middlebury students aims to understand how these powerful sensory systems evolved.

Dima Ayoub - Paratexts: What they are and what they can teach us about Arabic literature in translation

What happens to our reading of modern Arabic literature in English translation if the role of the paratext, instead of the text, is foregrounded? Paratexts are any aspect of a text’s accompanying material. These include titles, subtitles, prefaces, forewords, afterwords, notes, introductions, epigraphs, blurbs, book covers, and dust jackets. This talk focuses on the ubiquitous use of paratexts in translations of Arabic literature from 1950s to the present as a crucial site of translation in translation.

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Midd2Midd, the College’s alumni mentoring and networking program, jump-starts the networking process for current students and for alumni. When the pandemic hit, Midd2Midd became a vital resource for job and internship seekers. Today, there are 1,557 students using the platform—a 45 percent increase since March 2020—and more than 3,000 alumni and parent members who can give—or get—career advice.

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