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Faculty at Home Webinars

Join us for insight and conversation with Middlebury professors. Engage with faculty members, with big ideas, and with other alumni and parents in this interactive webinar series. Register now!

Sebnem Gumuscu - How Democracies Die: Lessons from Turkey and Beyond

Democracies around the world are under growing threat. In this recent wave of democratic decline, threats to democratic politics come from elected officials. How do presidents, prime ministers, people’s representatives subvert democracy? What tools do they use? Is there a way to stop them? This talk seeks answers to these questions by focusing on contemporary Turkey—a key country in the global wave of democratic decline—and its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Thor Sawin - Language Learning in an Age of Nationalism and Artificial Intelligence

As nationalism’s rise seemingly erodes globalized dreams of international cooperation, and as artificial intelligence rapidly creates new tools for intergroup communication, many are questioning the role of language learning in this current era, which is seeing deep cutbacks to language programs. In response, this talk presents examples of language learning projects focused on peacebuilding, from across the world and across Middlebury. This uncertain moment calls for shifting the focus of language learning away from tasks and transactions and toward peacebuilding practices that can help address today’s crises of mutual understanding.

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Midd2Midd, the College’s alumni mentoring and networking program, jump-starts the networking process for current students and for alumni. When the pandemic hit, Midd2Midd became a vital resource for job and internship seekers. Today, there are 1,557 students using the platform—a 45 percent increase since March 2020—and more than 3,000 alumni and parent members who can give—or get—career advice.

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