This module shows you how to use the Absence Management function in Oracle HCM. Benefit-eligible employees will use the Absence Management module to request time away from work.

Upon completion of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Submit an absence request for a single date, consecutive dates, selected dates, and recurrent dates
  • Know where to view, edit, and/or delete your submitted absence requests
  • Know where to view your absence plan balances

Key Terms

  • Absence Plan: Leave time balance types (CTO, SLR, etc.). 
  • Save and Close: Use to save progress on a task, to return to later.
  • Single-Day: A one-day absence request.
  • Continuous Dates: An absence request that contains multiple consecutive days.
  • Selected Dates: An absence request that contains multiple non-consecutive days.
  • Recurrences: An absence request that contains multiple recurrence dates. 

Business Process Overview

The overall business process for the absence-request functionality is simple. As the employee, you create a request in Oracle and submit it to your manager for approval. Once approved or rejected, you will be notified through the Bell notification function, and the status will be updated in the Time & Labor app.