On campus, you can use go/oracle/ or visit (for VT) or (for MIIS), scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Oracle Cloud” under “Quick Links.” Click on “Single Sign-On” or use your Middlebury email credentials to sign into Oracle.


If your Microsoft Apps page has rows of apps, most likely it has signed you into the wrong organization. Look in the upper right corner of the screen. If it says Middlebury College, you will need to change the organization to GMHEC. To do this, click on “Organizations” on the upper right corner (it’s a symbol of three squares) and select “Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium” under “Other organizations you belong to.” Once the page refreshes, you should see the Apps page you are use to.

Check out a visual guide here.


These can be updated in Oracle through the “Personal Information” Tile, and then clicking on either “Personal information” or “Contact Info.” Click on the pencil icon to update the fields, and hit submit. For some changes, such as a legal name change, HR will approve it and may ask for additional documentation.

For a visual guide, please click here

Time Entry/Pay


Since it’s a new pay period, “Current Timecard” will not allow you to enter or edit hours for the last pay period. Under “Time and Absences,” click “Existing Timecard,” and then “Add.” On this next screen, please ensure you change the date to any day in the previous timecard; otherwise, Oracle will only allow you to edit for the current timecard. After that, you will be able to enter and submit your timecard as you normally do.

See a helpful guide here.


For each time entry, a payroll time type must be entered. To do this after you’ve entered a time entry, edit the time entry and select the correct payroll time type.

Look at a visual guide here.


To set up direct deposit, sign into Oracle and click on “Pay,” then “Payment Methods.” This process includes two steps, and if they are not both completed, the direct deposit will not be set up. The first step is setting up the bank account(s). The second step is letting Oracle know what account(s) you would like to use for your pay, and if choosing to do a split payment, how much you would like to go into each account.

Check out a helpful guide here.

If you’ve done both of these steps and are still not receiving direct deposits, please contact


If you need to make a correction for the current or the last pay period, but have already submitted your time card, you can go back into the time card, make the edits, and resubmit. If you notice an error with an earlier pay period, please reach out to

Click here for instructions


We utilize ADP for tax forms. When you sign into your Apps Dashboard, you’ll see a tile for ADP. Simply click on it, and you’ll be signed in using your Middlebury credentials. On the home page, you’ll see “Your Tax Statements Are Ready. Prepare for tax season by viewing your 2023 statements.” Click on “Review” to access the documents. 

 Please visit GMHEC’s Knowledge Base for more information and instructions.




Even though you’ve been assigned training, you need to enroll in the course to complete it.

“No Active Offering” does not mean you do  not need to do the training. It means you haven’t enrolled.

To enroll, click on the blue title of the course. On the next screen, click “Enroll.” Then you’ll be able to click on the course title to access the module, and hit “Launch” to open a new window with the training.

See a quick guide on these steps here


Use a private browser and clear your cache before you begin training.

You will need to hit “Save and Close” in the pop-up before closing the window to ensure the training is marked complete. 

If you complete the training and it shows it as “Incomplete,” don’t attempt the training again. Send a short email to (“I completed <Course> and it didn’t register as complete.”) with “Training” in the subject line. HR can see the status of your training and mark it as complete on your behalf.

If you receive an email alert to complete a training and have any questions or concerns DO NOT reply to the email.  Please contact HR directly at


Here are instructions on how to clear your cache and open a private browser for training for the most commonly used browsers. Anytime you clear the cache, completely close out all windows of the browser, and reopen the browser. 


Some training is required annually. When you complete the training, you will automatically be assigned the course for the next year, and you will be sent an email informing you of the assignment. Please check the date on any emails you receive after course completion.


Some training, such as Cybersecurity Awareness and Building a Safe and Inclusive Community, is required for all employees. 

In order for the College to stay in compliance with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) regulations, trainings like Workplace Injury Prevention, Hazard Communications, Office Ergonomics, and others are required by statue to any employee. While Human Resources administers these trainings, the EHS office can better assist with why you were assigned the training and any compliance questions.