Please take time to view the complete Middlebury Handbooks detailing policies and guidelines, specifically the most current Employee Handbook.

This 2019-2020 Handbook supersedes previous editions of the College, Institute, and Language Schools Handbooks as of its online publication date. 

Section I applies to all students, faculty and staff of Middlebury programs, while other sections may apply only to specific populations, such as students in a particular program. 

Middlebury ensures compliance with local laws throughout its programs, in the United States and abroad, while setting common expectations for the behavior of all members of Middlebury programs to advance Middlebury’s educational mission. Practical considerations of style and a desire to present information to the Middlebury community in a useful, efficient manner dictate that this Handbook focus on the more general principles that govern our relationships to each other, rather than articulating multiple procedures and variances in implementation that ensure compliance with local laws.