Recording Policy 

To record an event, the request must cover each of the requirements below:

  1. Requests for recording require five (5) business days notice, requests will honored on a first-in/first-out basis. 
  2. Media Services staff need a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the event to setup. 
  3. Recordings by Media Services staff are restricted to structured academic lectures only and the recordings must be for Middlebury College events only. 
  4. Recordings by Media Services staff are added to the College’s lecture archive, which is available to the public. 
  5. The recording must take place in a supported recording location (see below).
  6. This service is limited to availability of equipment and technical personnel.
  7. We can’t make exceptions to this policy, though we can offer self-service options or help you outsource your request to a trusted company that can offer you custom service.

If your request meets the requirements above, please submit these two electronic forms:

  1. Each participant being recorded must fill out the Consent & Release form at least 48 hours in advance of the event. The form is available here:
  2. The organizer must request recording support by using the form here: (login required)

List of Supported Recording Locations

Not all spaces are suitable for recordings - most classrooms lack the required audio and lighting for a successful recording. We want your recording to have a high production quality. Thus, ITS only supports recordings in  select spaces. The approved spaces for recordings by Media Services staff by rank of quality of recording are: 

  1. RAJ - Presentation recording available, capacity 99 
  2. MCFA Concert Hall (if tech director is available) - Presentation recording available, capacity 372
  3. MCC Wilson Hall (formerly Social Space) - Presentation recording available, capacity 356
  4. Hillcrest 103 - Presentation recording available, capacity 70
  5. Dana - capacity 272
  6. Mead - capacity 1098
  7. MBH 216 - Presentation recording available, capacity 147
  8. MBH 220 - capacity 97
  9. Kirk Alumni Center - capacity 250
  10. MAC 125 - Presentation recording available, capacity 48
  11. Twilight Auditorium - Presentation recording available, capacity 106
  12. Bread Loaf - Little Theater - capacity 236
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