Micro-grant recipients to support professional development, curricular innovation, and scholarship have been announced. For more about these grants and how to apply see Funding and Support.

Carrie Anderson (History of Art and Architecture):  A grant to support a one-year subscription to the to host student-developed web applications for the ongoing digital art history project “Visualizing Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market, 1602-1795.”

Meshi Chavez (Dance):  A grant to purchase a drone to film a Spring 2023 live performance of “Research as Action,” a community-engaged, body-based dance project. The outdoor performance will take place at the Knoll, and the drone will allow a full, mobile record of a wide range of activities surrounding the event.  

Guntram Herb (Geography): A grant to support a student research assistant to create a companion website for “Mapping the Global,” a collaborative digital atlas for courses in global studies, international relations, and international studies.

Jeff Howarth (Geography): A grant to support the development and launch of 8 episodes of “A mapmaker show,” an educational video channel featuring interviews with practicing cartographers, to support GEOG 231, Cartography.

Alex Lyford (Mathematics):  A grant to attend a major math/statistics conference in Boston, MA in January 2023 to support student research assistants presenting their work co-authored with Prof. Lyford. Topics include text analysis of Yemeni social media following U.S. drone strikes, and mapping changing attendance at US religious institutions pre and post pandemic.  

Shawna Shapiro (Writing and Rhetoric): A grant to offer gift cards to instructors who visit the CLA Collective to share their assignments and reflections. The CLA Collective is an online resource hub and gathering space for teachers interested in Critical Language Awareness (CLA) pedagogy. Visitors to the site have requested a collection of CLA-oriented assignments from various settings and disciplines, as well as features which allow interaction and discussion and links to social media. 

Wendy Shook (Science Data Specialist, Middlebury Libraries):  A grant to support data management, archiving, and preservation, as well as metadata standards and taxonomy development for Carrie Anderson’s (HARC) ongoing project and new spring course, “Visualizing Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market,” and HARC 365, Art, Colonialism, and Digital Humanities.

Su Lian Tan (Music): A grant to support a sound engineer from WGBH Boston, Antonio Oliart, to offer MUSC 500/704 students a masterclass in recording and producing their musical work.

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